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The lung cancer disappeared without a trace

HEALTHY: Kjellaug Seim (80) from Lindås had cancer in both lungs. She was waiting to die, and the chemotherapy would only give her some extra time to live. When Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for her over the telephone, she was healed. PHOTO: Private
When Kjellaug Seim (80) from Lindås got cancer in both lungs, there was not much the doctors could do. The chemotherapy gave her only prolongation of life and the side effects she tolerated poorly. In 2010 she called Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer, and the cancer disappeared without a trace.

By chance in 2010, the doctors found cancer in the left kidney of Kjellaug Seim from Lindås municipality. After three months she underwent surgery and everything seemed to be good. In the time that followed she was supposed to go to check ups every six months for follow-up.

At the end of 2014, the doctors suddenly found more cancer. Now it had spread to the left lung. This was a new devastating blow to Kjellaug, but it would still worsen.

-I would not have as long a waiting period as last time, but time passed, and finally after four months I got to the hospital. Then they discovered that the cancer had spread to the right lung. Now it was too late and there was not much that could be done about it.

Imminent death

The doctor wanted to give Kjellaug a little longer to live regardlessly, and she was therefore put on chemotherapy.

-This was to extend my life. The doctor said if I was fortunate I could live for a couple of years. But life could also be over within a week or a month. "This is only for prolongation of life and not healing," the doctor said.

Even though Kjellaug got medication, the cancer continued to grow. With each checkup, the results were only worse. The chemotherapy also gave her considerable and intense side effects, so she functioned very poorly. She eventually decided to stop the chemotherapy.

Surprised doctor

After a while, Kjellaug phoned Svein-Magne Pedersen to receive prayer for the side effects of the medicine to disappear. Pedersen prayed for this, but also for healing of the cancer itself.

-I felt nothing then and there, but in the time that followed my lungs felt lighter. For several years, I had suffered with asthma, and I thought maybe it was the asthma that had improved after prayer.

A few weeks later, Kjellaug was again at a CT control at Haukeland University Hospital. Then the pictures showed clean lungs. This, according to the doctors' experiences, should not be possible. The doctor himself showed her the pictures on the screen at the office.

-We have no explanation for this, but maybe you have an explanation? The doctor asked.

It all came very suddenly to Kjellaug, and she therefore answered spontaneously: -Maybe I know a doctor who's over those in the hospital.

-"Yes, something has happened, that we can not explain," the doctor said.

Now the chemotherapy ended abruptly and Kjellaug was able to go home happily. When she came to the doctor a little later, he was very excited.

"A miracle must have taken place," he said, extending his arms when he approached her in her office.

In the time that followed, Kjellaug has gone to regular checkups. All the results have been fine and the doctors wonder about what has happened. Something else that ended after the prayer was the asthma, which also disappeared.

I have a new life. The doctors did not think I should live for so long. God is good and God can heal. He does not do anything half-way. Thank you very much to God and thank you to Svein-Magne Pedersen.

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