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41 year old ankle injury healed at Bildøy!

ANKLE INJURY: For 41 years Wenche Selstø ( 63 ) from Skogsvåg had pain in an ankle after a skiing accident. Today she can enjoy a foot that is free of pain after Jesus healed her in 2009.
Wenche Selstø ( 63 ) from Skogsvåg endured 41 years of pain in an ankle. The injury came as a result of a skiing accident at age 18. When Svein-Magne had a meeting at Bildøy in 2009, she was instantly healed.

In 1968 Wenche Selstø from Skogsvåg in Sund municipality was 18 years old. She was a student and therefore lived in an apartment in the city of Bergen. When the easter holidays came, she and her friends made the trip to Voss. Here they stayed in a cabin and went skiing. The Easter holidays would prove to be anything but pleasant for Wenche.

-Unfortunately I fell while I was skiing and severely sprained my left foot. It hurt terribly, and I was assisted in getting back to the cabin. Due to the holiday it was difficult to get to a doctor. I therefore remained in the mountains without medical attention for a few days, which was not so smart.

When Wenche finally went to the doctor, she had X-rays taken of the foot, but the doctor said that there was nothing they could do, because of the amount of time gone by since she injured herself.

Daily pain

At first Wenche could not walk on her foot, but as time passed, the injury was partially healed, but the foot was never fully well again. It hurt constantly.

My foot has always bothered me, and I have had chronic pain constantly. I funtioned fine in everyday life, but to live with pain was difficult and tiring at times. It was also challenging finding the right shoes, especially dress shoes. When I went for longer walks, I always used compression stockings, but the pain was often reinforced in the time that followed. In recent years, the injured ankle got even worse. I walked around feeling a dull pain all the time.

Instantly well

Over the years, Wenche had occationally been in contact with Svein-Magne. She had submitted some prayer requests and had been to a couple of meetings. Also one person in the family had been healed from an ankle injury when Pedersen had prayed via a TV program. In 2009 Pedersen was having a meeting at Bildøy pertaining to the summer conference for the newspaper Norway Today (Norge IDAG). Wenche therefore decided to attend.

-I had great faith that something was likely going to happen, and it did as well. When Pedersen prayed for my ankle, all the pain disappeared. I walked back and forth and almost danced in front of the pulpit, but I could not feel pain in the foot. It was amazing after 41 years of suffering!

In the years that followed Wenche has never had ankle pain. She has gone for long walks and not been hindered.

-What took place was a miracle, and it proves that Jesus can heal and that He works through Pedersen's prayers. I recommend anyone who has not yet experienced being healed to continue seeking God. The Bible says that we are allowed to depend on the promises. Use the Bible and faith and seek prayer. The days of miracles are not over, because God is faithful.

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