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The doctor at the hospital:
-A miracle has taken place here!

GOOD VISION May Elin Storsletten's eye doctor said that her vision was destroyed forever. Seven years later, she was healed when Svein-Magne prayed for her. (PHOTO: Private)
For seven years May Elin Storsletten (65) from Bardu had peripheral field deficit, and double vision. When Svein-Magne prayed for her at Ringvassøy in 1994, her vision became normal. -A miracle has taken place here, the doctor said.

In 1986 May Elin Storsletten was subjected to a fall accident. She fell from ten meters directly onto the asphalt and damaged large parts of the body. It was a miracle that she survived.

After a prolonged hospital stay, she was finally discharged. She later discovered a visual impairment.

-One day my 11 year old daughter showed me a picture she drew of the whole family. We were seven people, but I saw many more. "Who are all the others in the picture?" I asked. We all then understood that something was wrong with my vision, she says.

Shortly later, she contacted the doctor. He detected that May Elin had a severe double vision, and the peripheral vision nerve had been worn off.

-Nerves can grow together, but this does not apply to the optic nerve. This is something you have to live with, because it will always be like this, he said firmly.

May-Elin tried to view the situation somewhat optimistically, and said that in the future maybe the doctors would find a way to fix her vision. The doctor just laughed and said: - It's not every day you meet such optimistic patients.


The poor eyesight made life difficult at times. There were no eye glasses that could be of help, and it was also difficult to read. May Elin could see well looking straight forward, but the damaged peripheral vision created great challenges.

-To begin with I would constantly collide with people as I walked. I eventually aquired a white cane. It was mostly for my own sake, so I was constantly reminded to be more aware.

May Elin tells of a time she walked straight into a woman who worked in a store and was stacking the goods onto the shelves. She lost all the boxes to the floor in the collision.

-Use your eyes, the lady said sharply, but May Elin refrained from telling her that it was precisely her eyes she could not use very well.

Eventually she also lost her driver's licence and therefore had to walk. She could still be "dangerous" in traffic.

-When I was going to cross the street, I had to turn my head to see if everything was clear. I was close to being hit by a car several times, because I did not see cars coming from the side. The peripheral vision was useless.

-A miracle!

Once in 1994 May Elin heard that Svein-Magne Pedersen was praying for the sick at an office in Ringvassøy in Troms county. She therefore made the trip there to receive prayer. When she entered the office, Svein-Magne Pedersen laid his hands on her and began to pray.

-My temple became so warm, and I thought it had something to do with the nerves of the peripheral vision. Furthermore, he laid his hand on the back of my head, and it seemed as if something happened. In retrospect, I realized that the vision center is located in the back of the head, she says.

In the days after, May Elin noticed that her vision had improved considerably. It seemed like everything had become brighter. After two months she thought that her vision had become so good that she wanted to take a new test at the doctor. He did a series of tests, but in the end he became very puzzled.

-This doesn't make sense, because the images show that your peripheral vision is good. This is impossible, he said. The doctor was so surprised that he had to summon a superior doctor to look at the results.

-If this is the case, it must be a miracle. And I can see for myself that this is a fact, because we have the results in black and white, were the superior doctor's words.

New car

For May Elin this was wonderful news. She had asked if it was possible to get her driver's licence back. Her general practionioner said it was possible, but it was up to the county doctor to decide.

Fourteen days later she was called in to have a vision test, and the tests at the county doctor revealed the same.

-There is no problem with your vision, he said firmly.

When May Elin came home, she called her mother to tell of the good news. Her mother had in fact always been strong in her faith, and had over the years said that she thought her daughter's eyesight would recover. She rejoiced therefore over her daughter's miracle, and it ended with her mother buying May Elin a new car.

-Since then I have driven a car. I believe that God can perform miracles, and I want to testify about it to others. It's good to know that we have a good God.

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