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Miracles at Stadlandet

POPULATED: People came from far and near to the Community House at Stad, where Nordfjord Bibelsenter arranged a meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen.
On the weekend 11.-12. April this year Svein-Magne Pedersen traveled to Stadlandet and the church Nordfjord Bibelsenter. God worked greatly in the meetings and when Pedersen returned home, there was a renewed church that was left.

About 200 showed up during the meeting weekend with Pedersen in Nordfjord Bibelsenter in western Norway. Stadlandet is a peninsula in Selje municipality and constitutes the northwestern part of Sogn og Fjordane. The municipality has about 1,600 inhabitants. The weather was allright with the occasional sunny break now and then. The attendees therefore fortunately did not experience the hostile weather that often ravages the outskirts of Stad.

Pedersen testified and preached about healing. After the sermons he prayed as usual for the sick, and people testified that they were touched by the power of God.

Healthy shoulder

Rannveig Torvik from Stårheim in Eid municipality came to the meeting with a sore shoulder and a fractured rib that she had gotten when she was trying to push her stopped car.

-I stood behind the car trying to push start it, and then I felt something snap in the sternum. I went forward and pushed the car at the door, and then I unfortunately injured the shoulder, she says.

Rannveig worked as a cleaner, but the workday was very painful that day. She therefore went straight to the doctor who understood that this was a rib fracture. She had to keep an eye on her shoulder, but it was weak and sore and she could not lift her arm properly.

The pain increased every day, and she got painkillers and was on sick leave.

-When Pedersen came to visit Stadlandet, I was going to help in the kitchen, but I was very limited. At the second evening meeting I decided to get intercession. When he prayed for me he knocked on my shoulder. I thought it was a bit strange, because he knew that I hurt, but suddenly I felt the shoulder was completely well. I raise my arm without any problems. The rib fracture was also healed, but it took a little longer. It healed much faster than what is normal, says Rannveig happily.

20 years of back pain

Bodil Røhne Molstad from Selje had for almost 20 years had back pain due to a slipped disc that had ruptured. After many years of pain she started receiving disability benefits.

-I've taken a lot of painkillers and undergone surgery, but the back has been painful the whole time. It has been difficult to plan everyday activities, because I never knew what I managed to participate in, she said.

When Pedersen prayed for her, she felt a warmth and a strange tingling in the back.

–For the first time in twenty years I do not feel pain, she said right after the prayer.

Three months later she can still confirm that her back is good. -After the intercession I have not felt pain and not taken a single painkiller. I have a new everydaylife and I am more active than before. I got a new life and I am more active than before. Now I am not prevented from doing what I want to do, she says pleased.

Healthy knees

Several others also experienced God impacting their health. A man from Eid municipality had struggled with blocked tear ducts for over 20 years. The eyes were watering and sore. After prayer the watery eyes symptoms were signifigantly improved.

Kjell Hove from Naustdal had swelling and pain in the knees over the course of 15 years. Saturday night he went forward for prayer.

-I have been on my knees a lot throughout my job, but 15 years ago something happened that caused me to have to go to the hospital to get an injection. My knees improved, but the pain was there. When Pedersen prayed for me, I did not notice anything, but the next day I discovered that the swelling had disappeared and my knees were healed.

Was rid of dizziness

Another person who was very happy was Dagfinn. For about 15 years he had suffered from dizziness, which was very uncomfortable.

-It was brutal to be at work. I worked for several years as a labor therapist, which involved some activity. Every time I got up, I was dizzy. The room would spin, and I had to sit back down to rest. The doctor thought it was strange, but never figured it out.

When Pedersen prayed for him, he did not feel anything in particular, but when he got up to go into the cafe, he did not notice any dizziness.

-I sat down and got up and sat down again several times, but the dizziness was completely gone.

Inflammation of the arm

Dagfinn says that he also previously experienced getting healed. It happened when he went to Miracle Thursday at the healing center in Vennesla in June of last year.

-I had for nearly twelve years had muscle inflammation of the arm. I could not lift my arm above my head and needed help to do simple things like putting on my jacket. I used painkillers often and was several times for treatment from a physiotherapist. When Pedersen prayed I was instantly healed and was not bothered in the time that followed.

Dagfinn had also been plagued with the metabolism for two years and was on medication. After the visit in Vennesla he went to the doctor where the blood tests were fine. He cut back on some medication, but during the next doctor's visit, he was still just as healthy.

-I then cut out all of the medication, and when the third examination was normal, I knew that the healing was a reality, he says happily.

Skin disorders

Jan Thomassen from Sande in Sunnfjord came to the meeting on behalf of his children who both struggled with skin disorders.

-My six year old daughter had three to four large warts on her right hand, as well some smaller warts about to break out. This bothered her, and we tried both with different drugs and freezing at the doctor. Unfortunately, it only worsened and they re-appeared. Shortly after the intercession all the warts disappeared. She was very happy and said "Jesus has taken them away," says Thomassen.

Also the two year old daughter had help with the skin disorders. For a long time she struggled with atopic eczema on the buttocks and lower back. Her parents were worried that it would become chronic.

-After the prayer also this disappeared, and we choose to believe that this is also because of prayer, says Thomassen. He can also tell that he was healed after prayer by Pedersen in 2006.

-In 2004, I took up jogging, but I used bad shoes, and it caused a injury to the knee. After some time I could run a maximum of a hundred meters before I had to stop, and therefore I pretty much quit working out.

For two years he had those ailments up until he went to a meeting with Pedersen at a conference in 2006.

-There were several thousand present, and therefore not everyone got a laying on of hands. Pedersen therefore prayed a common prayer from the pulpit. I did not notice anything at the time, but a few days later I discovered that the pain was gone. Since then I have been able to run and I have not noticed any symptoms, says Thomassen.

Renewed Congregation

The meetings with Pedersen in Nordfjord Bibelsenter lasted into the evening and night. Pedersen spent plenty of time serving those who had showed up. During the evening God began to working through the prophetic gifts. Several members of Nordfjord Bibelsenter, as well as people from other congregations, received an encouragement from the Lord, which they really appreciated.

The pastor couple, Leiv Arne and Laila Bødal were very happy with Pedersen's visit.

-The weekend has been exceptional. The feedback from people has been many and positive. People from other churches have thanked us that we invited Pedersen. The couple got the vision of the church in 1994, but "the Lord's timing" to start was first in 2006.

The couple also look positively at the future.

-Over the years there have been many prophecies about outer Stad. If God has said something, it will happen, but it must happen at the right time, and it is always a time for maturing. I think Pedersen's visit have helped to release something, says Leif Arne Bødal.

PLEASED: Pastor couple, Leiv Arne and Laila Bødal appreciated the visit by Pedersen. - The weekend has been exceptional. We believe Pedersen's visit has helped to redeem something.

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