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Bjorn Bredesen Urdahl had Parkinson and MS
-Now I've got a new life

NEW STRENGTH: For several years, Bjørn Bredesen Urdahl (61) from Gaupne in Luster was dependent on both crutches and a wheelchair due to the sickness MS. After Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed during a television program in May, he can now run, and the tremor of the hands as a result of Parkinson, has been better.
Bjorn Bredesen Urdahl from Gaupne in Luster had for ten years lived with Parkinson's disease and MS. Daily he used a wheelchair and crutches. When Svein-Magne prayed for the sick during the TV program "The Miracle is Yours" on Vision Norway, he got new strength in his legs. Now he can walk without crutches and is playing the piano without so much trembling hands.

-Please come in, says Bjorn Bredesen Urdahl. We meet him at his house located in Gaupne in Luster in Sogn og Fjordane. The sun is shining over the little village with its population of 1,200 inhabitants. The village is located in scenic surroundings in the innermost Gaupne Fjord, only a few kilometers from the Nigard glacier.

On the walls in the living room hangs a series diplomas from various sporting events, which testifying of this man having been active.

-I cycled from Trondheim-Oslo three times (550 km) and I cycled from Lærdal-Oslo (about 340 km) four times. Otherwise I have been a soccer goalkeeper, skied, parachuted and operated extensively with mountaineering, says Urdahl and shows us a picture on the wall.

-In this climb we ascended a mountain at a 1700 meter altitude. Just before reaching the top a bolt loosened and we fell down 30 meters, but fortunately we had secured ourselves. I was startled then, Urdahl says seriously.

Parkinson's disease

In 1998, something happened that caused an abrupt end to Urdahls active life. His hands began to tremble and Urdahl eventually went to his general practitioner, who sent him to a neurologist.

-The doctor quickly confirmed Parkinson disease. It was dreary news to receive. The disease created some challenges in everyday life. When I drank coffee, my hands were shaking so much that the coffee would spill. Sometimes when I was in the company of others I spilled coffee over the table cloth. It was not pleasant, he says.

The disease also had an impact on another of Urdahls passions, which was playing the piano. It was difficult to hit the keys, and during the latter years the piano had stood untouched.

-My daughter is an organist, while I am self-taught pianist. I had my own electronic organ at home, but was also free to borrow the piano at the music school in town. After the illness occurred, there was not much piano playing.


Bredesen would still experience more adversity in life. Eventually he noticed tingling in the legs, and the muscle strength began to fail. In 2004 the doctor sent him to to have an MRI at the hospital in Førde where they took spinal cord samples. The results showed that he had MS, a chronic, incurable, neurological disease. More than 10,000 people in Norway are living with this disease.

The doctors said there was nothing they could do, and that I had to live with this. It was a discouraging message to get. I instantly had to begin using crutches. As time went by, the paralysis in parts of the body increased. The paralysis varied somewhat but at worst, I could not walk. Sometimes my legs would give way, and once I ended up lying on the bathroom floor. I was then sent to the hospital by helicopter ambulance.

-Shortly after he was diagnosed he had to surrender his drivers license. Immediately afterwards he was given a disability pension. This was very depressing for Urdahl who had been working for many years.

-I have worked as a farmer, agriculture substitute, carpenter, verger and landscape architect. I have worked a lot at the church yard in Gaupne. I was very limited in what I could do in the last years. When I got a disability pension I was very sad. You feel like no one needs you in society anymore. There was no point in living. Fortunately, I've always been a positive person, and got through this too.

Needed help

Urdahl's everydaylife was now very altered. From mountain climbing and parachute jumping, he had now become a helpless invalid. Now he needed help with a variety of everyday things, like getting out of bed. I eventually got an electric wheelchair, so I could get to and from various locations, he says.

A major challenge for Urdahl was that he had both MS and Parkinson. Those sicknesses did not get along very well.

I would sometimes collapse from this. For instance, this happened in 2014 when I was in Bergen. I ended up lying on the street and I was sent to Haukeland hospital where I was for a few days. I wanted to go home by myself, but the doctor was adamant about transporting me home by ambulance. It was a long and gruelling trip.

Got new strength

On Friday May 1, 2015 Urdahl watched Vision Norway which was broadcasting Svein-Magne Pedersen program «The Miracle is Yours».

-When Pedersen began praying for the sick, he stretched out his hand to TV viewers. While sitting in the wheelchair I made my way to the TV screen and put my hand against his hand. Suddenly I felt an electric force go through my body. I noticed that I gained new strength in my legs and I got up from the wheelchair and walked around the room without great problems. I could actually run as well. In a short time I discovered something else. The tremor in my hands due to Parkinson, had stopped. It was fantastic!

New everydaylife!

In the time that followed, he put away the wheelchair to be brought back to the hospital. His legs are now getting stronger and stronger.

On July 8 2015 he was visiting the neurologist. He took various tests and was surprised at what had happened.

-Now I can get up without the help of crutches, and I go to the store without any problems. I still have to train my legs, but I feel that God operates with a sort of "stair healing," where I just keep getting better and better. I hope to get my drivers license back soon. One year from now I hope to be able to go skydiving again. The event «Extreme sports week in Voss» can be a nice option, says Urdal, laughing.

In the time that followed, he has begun working a bit at the cemetery where he pulls weeds and trims shrubs. Several have commented on his gait pattern being so smooth. His everydaylife has also changed after he got better for Parkinson's disease.

- I am 70 prosent better. Now I can drink coffee without problems. Another advantage is that I can now play the piano again.

While our magazine is visiting, we might as well head to the Music School, where there is a piano. Here he plays the piano for the first time in two years.

-It was fun to be able to play again. Now I look positively at the future.

-It is important to not feel sorry for oneself when one is sick, but look ahead and trust in God. The disease is not mine, but He has taken care of it. I choose to put my trust in Him who is in control, Urdahl concludes with conviction.

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