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Cancer tumor disappeared after prayer

CANCER FREE: Rolf Tore Harila (43) from Sandvika can thank God that he is alive today. The doctors had «given up» on him in 2012 because of stomach cancer, but intercession took charge of the sickness. (PHOTO: Private)
In 2012 Rolf Tore Harila (43) from Bærum had a ten centimeter large tumor in his abdomen. The doctor said that he had two months left to live. Approximately twelve times he called the intercession phone, and suddenly the tumor disappeared!

In January 2012, Rolf Tore Harila (43) from Sandvika in Bærum began getting abdominal pain. The stomach pains came and went, but grew increasingly more powerful and more frequent. Eventually it hurt day and night. When he went to the toilet it smelled strange, something that worried him. A friend asked him to go to the doctor to examine the issue.

In May he took courage and contacted the doctor. The doctor was somewhat concerned and referred Harila to the ultrasound at Unilabs X-Ray Majorstuen. The results that came were not good. The images showed a large tumor of ten centimeters.

-I was sent to the Radium Hospital in Oslo for new examinations. The doctors performed a number of tests and put a hose down my throat and extracted a piece of the tumor. The results showed stomach cancer. Neither radiotherapy or chemotherapy would have any effect. "You have a maximum of two months left to live," the doctor said.

For Harila this was a shocking report to receive. When he came home, he went down on his knees and prayed, "God, I want to put this whole situation in your hands."

Called more than ten times

A friend recommended that he call Svein Magne Pedersens intercession phone. She had read a number of articles in Pedersen's magazine, «Healing», about people who had been healed. Harila was also familiar with Pedersen from before because he was saved through a TV program with Pedersen in 2003.

-I began calling Pedersen in the end of May in 2012. In the course of two months, I called aproximately twelve times. Every time I felt a warmth and well-being in the stomach, and I kept getting better. Eventually the pain was gone, he says.


Eventually Harila again contacted the doctor. The doctor performed new tests which showed that the body was healthy. The doctor therefore sent him to have a new ultrasound and scanning. Shortly after he received a wonderful message. The ten-centimeter large tumor had disappeared from the stomach.

-It was a glorious message to get. The doctor was dumbfounded to what had happened, but I told him I had received prayer from a man named Svein Magne Pedersen. The doctor said that he had heard of such cases before.

In the time that followed Harila had been in great shape and has not felt any more stomach pains. In 2013 he was to a final check-up of the stomach, and all the tests were fine.

-I am very thankful to Jesus and Svein-Magne Pedersen who is God's mouthpiece for healing. It was not my time to die now. Cancer is not of God, and He performs miracles today also.

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