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From part to fully healed

WITHOUT GLASSES: After 46 years of wearing glasses the 72-year-old Kari Kvarme from Frosta is no longer dependent on glasses. Both cataracts, calcification and esotropia disappeared after prayer. PHOTO: Private
Throughout the past years Kari Kvarme's vision has improved steadily. After 46 years of wearing eyeglasses, she can now see well without glasses. - There's no point in giving up until one is completely healed, she says happily.

Kari Kvarme (72) from Frosta was in a traffic accident in 1963, which caused vision problems. From that day she was dependent on glasses. In 1976, she was again the victim of a car accident, which caused esotropia on the right eye. The esotropia was so bad that even the opticians strongest prism glass could not help her.

-The optometrist sent me to an orthoptist who was going to teach me to train the eye, to better the situation. I got a lot of training exercises, but I did not bother with this, so I terminated the whole thing.

Finding the right glasses was always a challenge for Kvarme. It was never easy to read, which made her job as a teacher exhausting. In addition she had double vision and astigmatism. Her eye glasses prescription was always full of various figures that described all defects of the eyes.

-I have always relied on glasses. Glasses were the first thing I put on in the morning, and the last thing I put down in the evening.

Cataracts and fibrosis

In 2008 Kvarme started seeing many black dots that «danced» in her view, and sometimes her view disappeared when she was reading or doing needlework.

On June 9, 2008 she was at a check-up at the doctor. He confirmed cataracts and calcification. The optometrist explained calcification as an eye disease, where the vision was comparable to the looking through crumpled cellophane paper.

-I was not very confident when I left the doctor, even though he tried to console me. I now had two more eye diseases, in addition to the esotropia and astigmatism.

Time passed, and in November, 2009 Kvarme was going to a new check-up of her vision. She had plans of calling Svein-Magnes prayer phone, but she kept putting it off. Finally the day came, and then it was after office hours, but Kvarme came at an "emergency solution" as she calls it.

-I brought out the book «Legende dråper» (Healing Drops) by Svein-Magne Pedersen. On one page is a picture of his hand, and I put it over my eyes. Furthermore, I prayed a simple prayer of healing for both calcification, cataracts and strabismus.

To both Kvarme's and the eye doctor's big surprise her sight was almost perfect. She saw all the letters on the bottom line on the eye chart, and both the cataracts and calcification were gone. The esotropia had improved. With glasses her eye sight would be one hundre percent clear.

Rid of esotropia

Kvarme had now acquired a new and strengthened faith, and would therefore wait to buy glasses. She called Pedersen to be completely rid of the esotropia. Gradually other things began to happen. The old glasses were becoming poor. Previously she had double vision when not wearing glasses, but now it was the opposite. Kvarme was eager to get another check-up, but first in March 2010 she got an appointment. Just before she went to see the doctor, she called Pedersen's prayer phone.

At the doctor she got happy news. Kvarme no longer needed prism glasses for esotropia. The smallest glass would rather make it worse.

-I then informed of receiving prayer. The doctor replied that there had to have been a divine power that had healed my eyes. A new check-up in December, 2011 also showed that the crooked corneas were less crooked.


In May 2012 Kvarme had a small setback when the doctor confirmed that the cataracts and calcification had returned. There was going to be a new check-up in one year. Kvarme was very upset, but would not give up. She trusted God and sought prayer again.

On 12 June 2013 the eye doctor could tell her that the cataracts and calcification had disappeared again. On the right eye she now saw one hundred percent clearly and the left eye almost one hundred percent clearly. Her vision had become very wide.

-I thank Jesus for what he has done. For 46 years, I wore glasses, but after 2012, I really had no use for them, even at the age of 72. When people meet me without glasses, it's no wonder they ask. Then I get a chance to share what Jesus has done.

When the Lord operates, He does it in fine detail. I thank Him every day. My advice to the sick is to not to give up if one is partly healed, but wait to be fully healed!

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