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Got a death sentence - lived for 13 more years

CANCER FREE: When Gunhild Mogstad Resve from Trondheim received a death message in 1990, she had a maximum of six months left to live. But Jesus decided differently and gave her 13 years extra to live. PHOTO: Private
When Gerd Resves elderly mother got pancreatic cancer in 1990, her mother had a maximum of half a year left to live. After Pedersen prayed for her the cancer disappeared, and she lived another 13 years without sickness.

Wherever Svein Magne Pedersen travels to, we find that people are getting healed. Many of the people we meet have also experienced healing earlier in their life, but have never told us their testimony. The stories you read about in the magazine «Healing» are therefore only a small fraction of everything that happens.

During the meeting weekend in Trondheim on 27-28. last September, we met Gerd Resve. She told the strong testimony of her mother who had had cancer nearly 25 years ago.

It all started one day before Christmas in 1990, when Gerd and her mother Gunhild Mogstad Resve were shopping. Suddenly her mother got severe pain in the diaphragm, and they had to rush in all haste to the emergency room, and later to the emergency ward at the hospital which today is named St. Olav's Hospital. There she had to go through a series of tests and examinations.

-In the evening the doctor came and told me that my mother had pancreatic cancer. There was no more they could do, and she had a maximum of three to six months left to live, says Gerd.

According to the Cancer Society pancreatic cancer is amongst the cancers with the lowest survival rate. Of those who undergo surgery more than 80 percent have relapses. Only one percent survive in the course of five years. If the cancer has spread, only life-prolonging and palliative care are applicable.

For the family, this was terrible news to receive. The doctor offered only palliative treatment. Gunhild did not want this, and declined the offer. She did not want to have a home nurse.

-My mother was told to go and have a checkup once a month at the family doctor during the time she had left to live. I went with her every time. In the first month the tests showed cancer. I decided to call Svein-Magne, which I followed through on. Pedersen prayed for her, and time went by.

Next month her mother was at a new checkup at her general practitioner. When the results were in, all the tests were fine. The doctor did not understand much of what had happened. In the coming months, she had new checkups. The tests were also fine then. After a while her mother was asked to come to the hospital to have new examinations taken.

-The previous tests had been very extensive and uncomfortable for my mother. She could not bear the thought of more hospital visits. Since the samples also showed that she was free of cancer, she turned down the new examinations.

Gerd told the doctor about her mother's decision. She also told about having called Svein Magne Pedersen.

-The doctor stared at us both, but he listened and was quiet. He was a Sami, and said he was open to all possibilities. The cancer never returned. She was well for the rest of her life. Mom had a better appetite than myself and was out walking every day. She lived for another thirteen years until she died at the age of 95 in 2003. The cause of death was not cancer, but heart problems. I have told the story to many aquaintances. God is good, Gerd Resve concludes.

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