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Lyme disease disappeared

HEALED FROM LYME DISEASE: Berit Hagen (73) from Heddal got her energy back, and the pain around the tick bite disappeared when she received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen in Heddal.
Berit Hagen was completely wiped out for half a year from a woodtick bite she was exposed to, and had constant pain in the hip where the infection had settled. But when she received prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen at the meeting in the town of Heddal on Sunday, February 24, 2013, the ailment disappeared.

Berit Hagen (73) from Heddal was struck by the dramatic infectious Lyme disease, when she was bitten by a wood tick in her right hip in August 2012.

-14 days after I was bitten, I was very limp throughout my whole body. I felt completely wiped out and I was prescribed antibiotics by the doctor in the emergency unit of the hospital, she tells.

The doctor comfirmed that the woodtick that had bitten her had infected her with the borrelia bacteria, and after having taken antibiotics she was still sick. Antibiotics can in some cases remove the infection, while in other cases the infection stays in the body, and results in longstanding sickness that can in the worst case scenarios become chronic. In Berits case there was no sign of improvement before she received prayer from Svein-Magne, after half a year had gone by. She felt wiped out in the meantime.

-I had absolutely no energy, and could hardly manage to get up in the morning, she tells.

She also had great pain in her right thigh in the area where the tick attached itself. She was bothered by arthritis from before, but this worsened greatly where the infection had settled.

-Totally ecstatic

At the meeting in Heddal she was sitting with a painful hip while she was waiting to receive prayer.

-When Svein-Magne laid his hand on me I felt the energy returning to my body. I started getting so warm, and when I rose afterwards it felt as if I was soaring. I immediately called my husband to tell him about what had happened, and he heard that I was completely ecstatic. It was so lovely, she tells.

And her energy has remained the same, she tells over the phone two weeks after the meetings.

-Even though I feel a little bit stiff I have been outside spreading sand in the hill outside the house today. Before the meeting I could hardly walk, the 73 year old tells.

The pain disappeared

The constant pain in her hip also disappeared after having received prayer. I have not felt any more of the pain at all, even though I have been outside walking a lot, she beams.

She has used crutches throughout the winter, but after the healing service she has not needed to bring them out anymore.

-I have them standing up against my bed, and there they will stay put, because I have no more use for them anymore, she says.

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