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Very happy with new back and healthy knees

HEALTHY: Knut Nerhus from Rosendal in Kvinheard municipality had for 25 years been struggling with severe back pain. He also had had bad knees for 44 years after a car accident. He is now completely healed in his body after receiving prayer.
After 44 years with knee ailments and 25 years of back pain, Knut Nerhus Hatteberg from Rosendal was healed in Odda. Now he is in great shape and very grateful for what has taken place.

25 years ago Knut Nerhus Hatteberg from Rosendal in Kvinnherad worked in the ship industry, where he made parts for large ships. One day something tragic happened, that would affect him in the coming years. Knut and his colleagues were going to take down a support underneath the hull of a ship. Unfortunately, it was secured with rope and not a chain. Suddenly the rope ruptured and a 500-pound steel beam hit Knut in the back.

-The pain was horrible, and there was a risk of becoming paralyzed, but thankfully it went well. I could have died if the beam had hit my head.

Car accident

The next few years were challenging. At worst, the pain was like having a knife in the back. He slept restlessly at night, and used painkillers. He did not dare have an operation out of fear of making it worse.

-Gradually I began strength training, and then the back was somewhat better, he says.

Unfortunately Knut had other pains to endure. When he was 16, he was hit by a car. The car came at a great speed, and Knut was thrown over the car, and into the ditch.

-Although I had so called angelic protection, I injured my knee, and now I have had pain for 44 years, he said.

Felt tingling

During April of 2014, Svein-Magne Pedersen was having healing meetings in Odda. Knut therefore took the fifty-kilometer drive from Rosendal to Odda. The meeting began at four o'clock, but it was first at eleven o'clock that it was his turn to receive prayer.

-Already when I entered the meeting room, I felt a powerful atmosphere in there. When Pedersen put his hands on me, I felt a force that pulled the pain out of my body. I felt tingling in my body, and it was as if something was repaired in my back and in my knees.

In the time that followed, he has tested his body and he has been very active.

-Now I'm in such great shape that I can play soccer again, something I have not done in a long time. My back is also fully recovered. Soon it is as strong as 25 years ago. Then I could lift up my tractor on the rear wheel. Maybe I'll try it again, he says, laughing.

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