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HEALED after 60 years with migraine headaches

HEALED FROM MIGRAINE HEADACHES: For almost 60 years Josè Lemus (69) from Naerbo had migraine headaches. When Svein-Magne prayed for him at a healing meeting on August 30, 2014, he felt a warmth that went into his head. Now he is fully recovered from migraine.
At the age of nine Josè Lemus (69) from Naerbo had his first migraine attack. Since then he had weekly migraines for 60 years. At a healing meeting on August 30, 2014 the power of God came, and healed his head.

On 17 September 1945 was supposed to be an awesome day for Jose Lemus. Instead, it ended up being a sad day, and the beginning of a life with great pains. It was Josès birthday and he was going to have a big childrens birthday party. His family had made preparations for the party and everyone looked forward to it. Unfortunately Josè suddenly got a headache and was bedridden. Thus the party was canceled and the guests ended up staying at home.

-From that day I started getting headaches. The pain came and went, but in great parts of my life I had pain several times a week, in fact almost every other day. As the years passed I was eventually diagnosed with migraine.

Did not want the operation

The migraine ailments caused Josè at times to stay home from school, and later on in his worklife. The sofa at home was well used over the years.

-During the attacks, I tried to stay away from the light. Often I saw stars, yes, it was both stars and satellites, he says with a little sarcastic humor.

Jose says that he took several types of painkillers. At the worst he could use six tablets a day. Some of the tablets contained blood-thinning substances, so he had to be very careful. If he got a little cut in his finger, he could bleed profusely.

-I was a tough person and often went to work with the pain. I ended up hiding the pain by putting on a poker face. Fortunately I had a job where one could could take it easy, and then it was possible to take a break, until the medication began to take effect.

A few years ago doctors found out that some of the reason for the pain could be that the inner main artery on the right side of the neck was clogged. Sometimes he could feel that it thumped in the artery when he had attacks.

-The operation was a possibility, but it was also extensive. Doctors said there was a 50 percent chance that I would get well, but there was also a great risk that I could end up in a wheelchair. I decided to decline. I was not going to be a nursing patient for my wife for the rest of my life.

Incidental visit

On August 30 this year Josès wife was going to go to a healing meeting with some girlfriends. She had been there previously and wanted to make the trip again. Unfortunately, all her friends fell sick and his wife was left without a traveling companion.

-I thought it was terrible that she should travel alone and therefore I came along as a chauffeur, so to speak, he says.

The trip took three hours, and the couple got a decent place in the prayer line. Josè still did not receive prayer before ten o'clock at night. Then nine hours had passed since the meeting began.

-I was surprised over not having a headache after the road trip and a lot of waiting. It was probably something with the atmosphere of the meeting. When Pedersen prayed for me, I felt that he had warm hands. A heat went through my head, and I felt that something let go, he says.

One month after the meeting in Vennesla we made contact with Josè. Then he had just turned 69 years of age, which means that he has lived with migraines for nearly 60 years. He is in good shape and he gives it his all.

-I have not felt any of the migraine and I have not taken any medication. In recent days, I have fixed the roof of a cabin and climbed up and down a ladder at least a hundred times. I am so impressed over what has taken place. Thanks and praise to Jesus!

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