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48 years of neck ailments disappeared at the Miracle Saturday meeting

HEALTHY NECK: For 48 years Stein Engstrand (65) from Kristiansand lived with a painful and stiff neck. At the Miracle Saturday meeting in January 2014 all pain disappeared. His wife Ingrid also was rid of ailments of the head after Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for her.
Stein Engstrand (65) from Kristiansand had suffered with a painful and stiff neck since he was 17. At the Saturday miracle meeting in January 2014, God did wonders with his neck.

Through his teenage years Stein Engstrand (65) from Kristiansand was an active athlete within sports. Exercises such as length and hop he mastered best. Daily life consisted therefore of alot of hard training, which also led to success. He visited the national team and participated in several Norwegian Championships.

But the active training also had its negative effect. A lot of strength training and heavy lifting was a great burden for his neck.

-I often trained massively, and there were many lifts of heavy weights. I often did the lifting with the weight bar over my neck. This put strain on my neck, and already as a 17-year old I started feeling pain.

Eventually Engstrand sought a doctor, who discovered calcification in the neck. The first year he went to a physiotherapist, but it did not help much.

-My neck was stiff and sore, especially when I made heavy lifts. When I went hiking in mountains with a backpack, I was often very much in pain. It was also a challenge to carrying the kids, he says.

For 48 years he suffered with a painful neck, but on Saturday, January 25 2014 something happened. Engstrand went to the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla. The meeting began at one o'clock, but the intercession started a few hours later.

-During the intercession Pedersen got some words of knowledge about people in the congregation. Amongst other things, he asked who the person was that suffered with a neck pain. I made myself known, and the pain began to disappear. When Pedersen prayed for me, I felt a warmth in my neck, and the pain disappeared.

Five months later, we meet him at the Miracle Saturday meeting again. The neck was still good.

-My neck has become so flexible and soft, just like when I was young. It's fantastic!

His wife Ingrid is also very happy.

-What happened with his neck is amazing. I was also healed after receiving prayer. In the course of the last years there has been a lot of stress, and I've gotten pressure in my head. During the Saurday miracle meeting on May 3, Pedersen prayed for amongst other things my head, and the pressure diminished. We rejoice over what has happened with us, she says pleased.

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