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Hildur Skog (90) had cataracts:
-Now I am able to read for myself

Good vision: Hildur Skog (90) from Grovfjord can now read without difficulty. Prayer from Pedersen made the cataracts disappear.
When Hildur Skog got cataracts, her vision was so poor that she had to use a magnifying glass while she was reading. Eventually her daughter had to read the newspaper aloud for her. After Pedersen had prayed for her, she could read without difficulty.

In 2013 Hildur Skog started having eye problems. Finally she went to her family doctor who sent her to an ophthalmologist in the city of Narvik. He examined her vision and discovered that it was not an eye inflammation that caused the impaired vision, but cataracts.

-It was a sad message to get. I had it on both eyes, but one eye was worse off than the other. Fortunately it could be operated away, but the doctor wanted to wait a year before he would send me to have surgery performed.

Magnifying glass and reading aloud

As time went by, Hildur's eyesight steadily got worse. Previously she was able to read newspapers with ease. Now she had to use a magnifying glass.

-It was very sad, because I've always been very fond of reading. Now, I could only read the headlines in the local newspaper. The smallest font was impossible to read, even with a magnifying glass. Sometimes I asked my daughter to read the newspaper for me.

Finally Hildur contacted the doctor again. He sent her to a specialist in Harstad and then to Tromsų. After some back and forth, it was decided that Hildur would undergo surgery on April 7, 2014 in Tromsų.

Good vision

One month before the surgery Hildur experienced something extraordinary in her living room. She was watching the television program "The Miracle is Yours" on the channel TV Vision Norway with Svein-Magne Pedersen. He invited people to put their hand on their television while he prayed. While praying Pedersen mentioned several sicknesses, including cataracts. Hildur put one hand on the TVscreen and the other hand on her eyes.

-After he had prayed, I started seeing much better. I was so happy, and I called the hospital in Tromsų to postpone the surgery until the fall. I was told that I would have to start all over again with the inspection and examinations. I felt it would still be a wasted trip to travel to Tromsų now and asked to have the appointement postponed.

To be sure, Hildur called to the prayer phone and received prayer from Pedersen again. I called in faith believing that my vision would get better, which it did. Now I could also read the smallest print with a magnifying glass, something I had not managed to do before, she said pleased.

Was able to read the words on the bottle of codliver oil

On the weekend of June 7-8, Svein-Magne Pedersen had healing meetings in Grovfjord, which is Hildur's home town. She was even involved in helping out in the kitchen during the meetings.

-It was a delightful weekend with lots of people, and a lot happened. The meeting on Sunday lasted till half past three in the night. I was the fourth last to receive prayer. When I got up the next morning, I discovered that I could read the newspaper without difficulty. I did not need to use a magnifying glass. In addition I could even read the smallest print on the back of the bottle of codliver oil. It was fantastic! I would recommend anyone who is struggling with their vision to watch Pedersen's TV programs or call the prayer phone.

The dizziness disappeared

Hildur can also testify to something else she experienced a while ago. One morning she woke up very dizzy. She could not get out of bed and had to hold on to walls when she walked. Eventually her daughter had to bring a walker that she could use inside.

The dizziness had lasted for three weeks when Hildur one evening was watching Pedersen's TV program again. In the program Pedersen read the testimony of a man who was often dizzy. His heart valves were clogged, and he was scheduled to get an operation, but he was healed.

-I thought that maybe I had the same problem and joined in the prayer Pedersen at the end of the program. The next day I woke up quite well and without feeling dizzy. I could hardly believe it to be true, and I walked three times back and forth from the bed to the living room to test it out. Since then I have not felt any of the sickness. God is good. I am 90 years of age now, but God helps both young and old. You just have to trust God, Hildur says .

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