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Audio manufacturer healed of tinnitus

GOOD HEARING: After several months with the tinnitus, Kjell Birkeland's future as an audio manufacturer looked bleak. When he looked up Svein-Magne Pedersen and received prayer the tinnitus disappeared. PHOTO: Private
When audio manufacturer Kjell Birkeland (66) got tinnitus, his career was in jeopardy. The piercing beeping sound made life very difficult, but after Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for him, the hearing became normal.

Kjell Birkeland has for several years been working with music and has his own recording studio in the city of Bergen. He also has extensive experience with music as a radio presenter and on television. In the 1990s he hosted the program «Country Forum» on NRK radio and was a presenter on the television artist program «Honky Tonk». For many years, Birkeland has worked as an audio manufacturer for the company Masterfonic, where he organizes the artists studio recording for CD production, so called mastering.

-Having good hearing is very essential in my line of work. My work consists of finetuning and clarifing the music for the artists, says Birkeland who can present several good references.

He has instructed music for a host of famous artists in and outside Norway. Birkeland has therefore had an exciting and eventful life, but in 2009 something happened that would change the quality of his life drastically.

-I woke up one morning with acute tinnitus. The sound was a piercing beeping sound, and it was absolutely horrible to live with. I thought I was going crazy.

-The first morning I had to go to the bathroom where it was quiet. I thought that maybe it was a sound that came from the television set or some other electronic device in the house. At work I thought that there was something wrong with the sound equipment, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Job in jeopardy

After some time Birkeland went to his family doctor who referred him to a specialist. He told him that it was tinnitus that Birkeland had gotten. If this noise did not disappear within a short period of time, it would be something he would have to live with.

-I was completely distraught and wondered if this was the end of my time as audio manufacturer. Maybe I would have to close down the entire enterprise. The beeping sound could be compared with some test tones that I use when I measure the frequencies of the sound I work with. I would say that the tone of the tinnitus was about 1,000 hertz. When there was noise in the room, the noise helped to muffle the sound somewhat, but when I was in a quiet environment, I heard the tinnitus clearly. It was not easy to sleep at night.

Received prayer

After a little over three months Birkeland received a tip that Svein-Magne was going to be praying for the sick in Bergen. He had not heard of Pedersen before, but met up with a touch of hope.

-I figured that all avenues should be taken, in the hope that something could happen. When I arrived, there was an awful lot of people sitting and waiting for prayer. Still, I was determined to receive prayer and sat steadfastly and waited for nearly six hours.

When it was finally Birkeland's turn, he was ushered into the prayer room. There he presented his problem for Pedersen.

-I went in with an open mind, but I was a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, I was impressed by Pedersen's personality. We talked together, before he put his fingers in my ears and said a prayer.

When Birkeland left Pedersen, he felt nothing in particular, but after a week the tinnitus disappeared.

-It was a miracle and it was amazing! If the tinnitus had not disappeared, I do not know what would have had happened. Ringing in the ears is something doctors can not do anything about, and it destroys the quality of your life. I am forever grateful for the help I have received, Birkeland concludes.

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