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The neck injury was healed after 41 years

A damaged muscle in the neck caused Klara Sand (82) from Valnesfjord to be unable to hold her head steady. Now she is healed.
A damaged muscle in the neck caused Klara Sand (82) from Valnesfjord to be unable to hold her head steady. After receiving prayer God gave the muscle new strength. God has become her "family doctor".

- I have lost count of all the good things God has done. I'm so happy for all the help I have received through Svein-Magne Pedersen's prayers. I usually say that Pedersen is my extra doctor, but of course it is God who heals, says Klara Sand (82) and laughs. She is from the town of Valnesfjord in Fauske municipality in Nordland county. She calls Pedersen often to receive prayer.

One of the most substantial healings took place over twenty years ago. She had then had a neck injury for over forty years.

-It all started when I got tuberculosis in the early 50's. Eventually I needed to have two lung operations, and stayed at the hospital for several months. Unfortunately there was mistake made during the operation which caused the neck to be injured.

Hanging head

Klara says that her neck was unable to remain stable, because of the damage done to it. Every time she looked up or leaned backwards, her head fell backwards as well, and she did not manage to straighten it again in her own neck strength.

-I had to use my hand to push my head back into place. It was not painful, but very uncomfortable, and I had to be careful when looking upwards. When I got up from my bed, I had to hold my hand on the back of my head to keep it stable, otherwise my head would be hanging backwards. I was going to the doctor to have the problem checked out, but then he had passed away, and after that nothing was ever done with my head, she said.

For more than 41 years Klara struggled with the head problem. In the 90's she contacted Svein-Magne Pedersen. At the time, he disposed an office in a private home Sundby in Saltdalen, where people could come to receive personal prayer.

-I felt a warmth go into the neck. Suddenly I was able to move my head normally. It was absolutely incredible! For close to twenty years I have not had any problem moving head, she says.

Had a lot of help

Klara has often phoned the prayer line, and gladly calls when she is in need of prayer. A number of times she has been touched by God's healing power.

Three years ago she had high cholesterol, but got some medication she was allergic to. It resulted in severe bodily pain and coldness of the feet. She lost several kilos and weighed only 50 kg. When Pedersen prayed, the pain in her body disappeared.

-Three years ago I also got calcification in my right eye. I had surgery, but my eye only improved by ten percent. Some time later I called Pedersen, and when he prayed, my eyesight had become much better.

-Just after Christmas I got wet calcification in the left eye, and I noticed that my eyesight had worsened. I was going to go to a specialist to get an injection, but firstly I called to Pedersen and he prayed for me. When I came to the doctor, I did not need to have the injection. I had good eyesight and read all the letters on the eyechart, except for the bottom line. -You're not going to go blind, was the report from the doctor.

Also the anxiety Klara suffered from had changed. For a time she did not want to live and was afraid to go out of the house, but prayer "did the trick" this time.

Klara also phones regarding her friends and acquaintances. When her brother had a stroke, she immediately called Pedersen. In the time that followed the doctors were surprised at how quickly he recovered.

-God is good and helps me constantly. Although life can still be tough, I am so thankful for what He is doing through Pedersen's prayers.

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