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The Følvik couple:
- Now we both have healthy lungs

BREATHING WELL: Both Nelly (84) and Henry Følvik (87) from Bodø had lung disease for several years, but after receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, the lungs became clean and healthy. PHOTO: Anders Haukland
In the early part of 1990, Nelly Følvik from Bodø was healed of asthma. In 2012 her husband Henry experienced the chronic bronchitis disappearing. Now they can both enjoy having healthy lungs.

As a child Henry Følvik (87) from the city of Bodø got bronchitis. Fortunately he grew out of the illness after a few years, but in 1984 it returned.

-I had to take two medications in the morning and one at night. The drugs were of great help, and I was not too bothered in everydaylife. If I did not take the medication, I was very breathless and my lungs were wheezing, Henry says.

The interesting thing was that also his wife, Nelly (84), had the lung disease called asthma.

-Nelly used asthma spray every day, and she quickly was short of breath. She was also allergic to cats and dogs. It meant that we unfortunately had to rid ourselves of our own dog, says Henry.

Intercession in Saltdalen

In the 1990s Svein-Magne utilizied an office in Saltdalen, where people could come and receive personal prayer. Henry had an appointment because he had a sore neck. While Henry received prayer, his wife waited outside in the car. When Pedersen was finished praying, he asked for Henrys wife. He then mentioned his wife's asthma, and Pedersen invited her as well into the office. She also received prayer.

-Two weeks passed, and suddenly Nelly discovered that she was well. She tossed all the medicines, and she has had good lungs since then. It was fantastic! says Henry happily.

Intercession in Bodø

But the lung story does not end there, Henry was also about to experience a miracle. Twentysome years later, the couple were visiting Familiekirken in Bodø. It happened on 13 October 2012 when Svein-Magne Pedersen was having a healing meeting in Bodø. The couple were far back in the prayer que, but fortunately there was a kind lady who swapped places with them. They still had to wait until midnight before it was their turn to receive prayer.

-When Pedersen prayed for me, I felt a warmth, but nothing more. It was first after two weeks I discovered that my lungs seemed so healthy. I stopped using the medications, and in the time that followed I have not felt any of the bronchitis. Right before Christmas in 2012 I was in to get an MRI at the hospital. The doctors discovered that my lungs were clean and healthy. God is good! Now we both have healthy lungs, says Henry Følvik satisfied.

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