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Harry Andersen smoked for 50 years:
Prayer broke the craving for cigarettes

FREE FOR SMOKE: For 50 years Harry Andersen from Torp was addicted to cigarettes. After receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen, the craving for cigarettes stopped. He has now been free since 2005. Here he is pictured with his wife Paula. (PHOTO: Private)

After 50 years of smoking tobacco, Harry Andersens tobacco cravings disappeared. Harry Andersen is originally from Tromsų, but for the last 30 years he had been living in Torp, between the cities Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad. In his late teens he began smoking tobacco.

-It started with a little alley smoking behind the cabin. When I started working as a sailor, it increased significantly. In those days nobody talked about how dangerous it was, and in addition it was very cheap, says Harry.

-Throughout the next 50 years Harry smoked every day. Often he traveled to Sweden to buy cheap tobacco. Two and a half packs a week was normal intake. Over the years he also got problems with the bronchies.

-I tried quitting many times, but it only lasted for three to four weeks. In the course of more than fifty years of tobacco smoking, I only once managed to be smoke-free for six months. It was simply impossible. I tried by receiving prayer, but it did not help.

Received prayer

Around 2005 he and his wife were going to Sweden to purchase tobacco. On the way home, they made the trip into the city of Halden, where Svein-Magne Pedersen was having a meeting. Harry received prayer for the bronchies at the meeting. At the end of the year Pedersen was also having a meeting in the church Zoe in the city of Fredrikstad.

-By chance my wife mentioned my smoking habits. I thought it was a bit silly, because I felt somewhat guilty. Fortunately Pedersen did not say anything and we went home.

A few weeks passed, and Harry thought nothing more of the situation. A woman him asked him what his New Year's resolution was. Harry replied that he certainly would not try to stop smoking. It was an impossible stumbling block in his life. Shortly after something special happened regardless.

-I was drinking my morning coffee and lit a cigarette. The strange thing was that it tasted awful. I rolled another smoke, but it tasted awful as well. I thought that something strange had made its way into the package that had destroyed the tobacco, but I could not see anything. Later in the day I lit another cigarette, but the condition was the same. I simply did not want cigarettes anymore.

The cravings for cigarettes did not come, and not in the coming days either. Then Harry thought he might as well quit. Shortly after his wife asked if he had stopped smoking. -I told him about the situation and she said I could thank Svein-Magne Pedersen. Then I remembered receiving prayer in Fredrikstad, and I realized what had happened. Since I took my last smoke in 2005, I have never felt any craving for cigarettes.

Was about to die

Andersen mentioned that he also on another occasion experienced God's help in life. It was a few years ago when he got goiter. Typical symptoms of goiter, is that you get one or more lumps on the throat. Many also get breathing problems, fever, a rapid pulse, weight loss, tremors of the hands and difficulty swallowing.

The lump that Andersen had to have removed, was in an awkward position, which made it difficult to remove. and the situation was therefore very serious. The doctor said that there was a fifty percent chance that he would survive the operation. Throughout the day he was operated on, but his condition was deteriorating.

-I did not want to wake up, even though they had cut out the medicine. The doctor told my wife that the situation was serious. She therefore phoned Pedersen later in the day. The next day she met the nurse at my bedside. They had a solemn look on their faces and said: "This does not look good." At the same moment I opened my eyes and smiled at my wife. They were completely amazed, and crowding around my bed. I fell asleep after a while again, but during the day, the situation was improving. The power of prayer is great. I have no doubt that God intervened, and I thank Svein-Magne for praying and what has happened.

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