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36 years with back pain:
Asbjørn's back problems ended at the miracle Saturday meeting

FREE OF PAIN: After 36 years of intense back pain Asbjørn Johannessen's healing miracle happened on a Saturday in 2011. -The job as an electrician was very burdening for the back, and the worst was to be standing in a stepladder. Now I can work without pain, he says happily.
For 36 years Asbjørn Johannessen from Jessheim struggled with back pain and a slipped disc. Neither an operation, sick leave or quantities of painkillers were of help. In 2001 he made the trip to the miracle Saturday meeting, where Jesus brought an end to the pain.

In 1975 Asbjørn Johannessen (62) worked on a large cruiseship that traveled around the Caribbean. He had several tasks. One winter day in January he was going to replace some large carpets in the boat. They were not that heavy, but the positioning of the work made it extremely stressful for his back.

-I suddenly got extreme pains in my back. They were so severe that I could not sleep for a week when the ship docked in Miami. The only thing that relieved the pain was to walk around carefully.

He went to a specialist in Miami, but Johannessen was eventually sent home to Norway and was on sick leave for some time. Back home in Norway, it was quickly established that one spinal disc was cracked and slipped out. For six weeks he was in the hospital with his back straight, as was customary treatment at the time. With the help of resting and various back exercises, he managed to get back to work. During the '80s his back improved, but he felt the pain constantly.

Cried from the pain

After several years at sea he trained to become an electrician and enjoyed it. One wrong movement would nevertheless have serious consequences for him in the coming years.

-In 2001 I was about to lift a diesel generator of 400 watts with two other colleagues. It weighed nearly 300 kilos. When I lifted the generator, I made a wrong twist with my body, and I felt a rupture in my back. The following year I was on sick leave for periods of time and had to take painkillers.

Johannessen still came back to work this time as well. So he stuck it out, because he loved his job. In 2005 he was unfortunate and had another blow to his back.

-I was going to set up some cables, something that resulted in back ailments. Now the pains were very severe. I was on sickleave for almost three months. At its worst I ate fourteen Codeine a day. One disc in the spine pressed on a nerve, resulting in sciatica ailments, and I constantly had to go to the toilet. I remember one night where the pain was really bad. I was holding my wife while we both cried in despair, he says.

In 2006 the doctor figured that it was enough suffering, and wanted to give Johannessen a disability pension.

-Your back is completely worn out. You must prepare yourself quit work, she said, but Johannessen did not want to be sitting at home, and still continued to work as an electrician.

Got help from his wife

In 2007 Johannessen was moving a transformer station at work, and again he hurt his back.

-His back was so bad that his wife had to help him out of bed and put on his pants in the morning. If I had to go to the bathroom during the night, she had to go with me. When I came home from work, I had to rest my back. I lay down on my stomach with a pillow on the floor. If my wife had to go out for a an errand, I had to wait until she came back to help me get up.

The doctor thought that now surgery was the only way out. Asbjørn had several x-rays and MRI images performed, and two months later he was on the operating table at the specialist hospital, Martina Hansens Hospital, in Bærum. The operation resulted in the worst pain peaks disappearing, but he was still not free of the pain.

-The doctor eventually gave me a prescription for morphine tablets. The seriousness of the situation was that I did not know how quickly I could get addicted to the tablets. When I did not take these tablets for backpain, I got a fever and sweating flashes. My wife who works in health care, figured I had withdrawals. I was on my way to becoming a drug addict, and she warned me. Fortunately I got the strength of the tabletts adjusted.

The hellish pain continued for Johannessen regardless, and in 2010 the doctors evaluated a new operation. The plan was eventually shelved, because they figured that the risk of the back being made worse was too great.

Instantly healed

In 2010 Johannessen traveled to Gol, where Svein-Magne was having a meeting. There he received prayer for his back, but it did not get any better then, and he went home a little bit disappointed. On January 29 of 2011 he tried again, and made the five-hour trip from Jessheim to the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla.

-When I left I had decided that I was going to be healed. Many had showed up, but I was fortunate to receive prayer early. I felt the Holy Spirit was powerfully present. When Pedersen prayed for me, the pain disappeared instantly. It felt like a cool wind blowing away the pain, just as if the Lord himself blew on me. I sat for a while in the cafe afterwards and enjoyed the feeling of having a good back before we returned home in the evening. When I came home and told of what had happened, there were people who refused to believe it was true, but quickly saw that it really was true.

Witnesses about Jesus

Now it has been three years since Jesus repaired Johannessens back, and he has not felt any back pain. He is 62 years old and could have taken an early retirement, but he he does not want to, because he is in great shape and thrives in his job as an electrician.

Johannesen is also a bold person and witnesses often to people about Jesus wherever he goes. Many have also heard the back story. Johannessen has also been to several doctors, and the reactions have been different.

-My doctor thinks that this is great, and is not trying to explain it away. She most likely has experience with healing from the past. The young arrogant doctors at the hospital have reacted differently. When I met one of them, I said to him: The Lord did what you failed to fix. Then he looked at me as if I were crazy. I thank the Lord regardless for what has happened. Now I can enjoy life without back pain.

TV GUEST: In January 2014 Asbjørn Johannessen visited the Miracle Centre in Vennesla. Then he was a guest in the TV program "The miracle is yours" which is sent over large parts of the world. Millions are now going to hear his testimony that God healed his back.

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