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Healed of flat feet

FLAT FEET: Beint Håkon Hansen (68) from the town of Hauge i Dalane came to the Saturday miracle meeting in Vennesla with flat feet. When he went home, his footsole had a nice arch. See picture below.
Throughout his whole life Beint Håkon Hansen from Hauge i Dalane suffered with flat footedness. This caused pain in his back and legs. At the Saturday miracle meeting April 27, 2013 he was healed, and his feet formed nice arches.

When Beint Håkon Hansen (68) was a child, his family noticed that he had flat feet. After having visited the doctor, he eventually got insoles which made it easier to walk. The years passed, but as he grew older, he stopped using the insoles.

-The flatfootedness made it painful to walk. It was especially painful when I walked in nature, in staircases or down hills, he says.

Beint had throughout his life worked as a pastor and preacher. In addition, he has done ministry work in Eastern Europe for the last 20 years. Because of his ministry, he had to stand a lot behind the pulpit. Also during the worship at the beginning of the meeting he had to stand upright. He then felt pain in the spine.

-Because of my ministry as a preacher, healing was not unknown to me. When a friend recommended that I contact Svein-Magne Pedersen, I was still reserved. I had read about him, but thought that this was not for me. I was somewhat proud as well. My friend continued to nag at me, and finally I decided to follow his advice.

Felt heat

After 68 years of flat foot ailments, Beint and a good friend made the trip to the miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla April 27, 2013. There were many people at the meeting, and Beint had to wait eight hours before it was his turn. It was past nine o'clock in the evening.

-When Pedersen prayed for me, he pressed his feet over mine, while he stroked my knees. I felt an intense heat that I have never experienced before. Suddenly I felt the soles of my feet getting arches. I was all fired up and so happy, says Beint thrilled.

Testified at the meeting

In the time that followed after the meeting Beint had noticed a substancial change.

-I have taken my dog for many walks and my feet are nothing like they were before. I feel no pain when I am walking.

In the following weeks Beint Håkon went to the Ukraine, where he preached the word of God in various churches including a large Pentecostal church in the capital of Kiev. Here he testified about what had taken place.

-The congregation sat perfectly still with their mouths open while listening to my testimony. After the meeting people came forward and wanted to receive prayer for themselves.

Beint also had a chance to test his healing during worship. Normally his spine would start to hurt from standing too long, but in the course of the meetings his spine was completely well.

-I am so happy because of what has taken place. Now I pray every day for Svein-Magne Pedersen and Jesus Heals Ministries, he concludes.

ARCH: The footsore of Hansen had a nice arch after prayer.

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