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Traveled 1700 km to be healed

LET GO OF THE CRUTCHES: Håkon Vikhagen (88) from Skåla outside Molde was able to drop the crutches after receiving prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen during the Miracle Saturday meeting on June 8, 2013.
Håkon Vikhagen traveled over 1700 kilometers to Miracle Saturday meeting to receive prayer. Later in the evening he could walk out of the Miracle Centre in Vennesla with his crutches in his hand.

Håkon Vikhagen is from the town of Skåla outside of the small city of Molde. He has been an active person during his 88 years and has experienced a lot both good and bad.

-I have been through many trials and I have been close to dying several times, but God has been with me. Heart attacks, diabetes, blocked arteries and falls from roof tops are some examples of what I've been through.

Vikhagen tells about an active life with lots of hard work. He has worked in forestry, construction and he worked in a sawmill. In addition, he has been employed as a police officer in the city of Trondheim for several years. In that regard, he has released his own book entitled "The law's long charm," the title being a word play on the expression «The law's long arm». The book describes 34 years as a police officer in Trondheim and Oslo.

-I have burdened my body a lot. The diabetes also caused me to have hip problems. In the last four years I have used crutches and was greatly reduced because of pain and wear and tear of the legs. I needed crutches to get around the house, especially when I was standing up from a sitting position. Fortunately, I was able to drive, he said.

Extreme trip

Vikhagen had for a long time wanted to go to the Miracle Saturday meeting to receive prayer. On Friday June 7 this year he decided to make the trip, which was well over 800 kilometer long. On the way he stayed at a hotel, but did not sleep much.

-It was a fantastic atmosphere at the meeting. When Pedersen prayed for me, I felt heat in my hip and legs, and suddenly I could walk back and forth without crutches. It was incredible! Because Vikhagen got an early number in the prayer queue, he was able go home already at 18.30.

The drive home was a great challenge with several detours. I drove in one stretch, with only a one hour break. I was home at 11.30 on Sunday, after 17 hours in the car. The trip back and forth was a total of 1700 km.

Without crutches

When Vikhagen got home, there were some strange vibrations in his legs, which continued for some days. He described it as an electric pulsator that was on continually, and his legs were constantly becoming stronger.

-Now I do not need to use crutches, but I have them on hand when I go on longer trips. I have to train my balance, and have the crutches with me in case I should fall, so I can get up again.

Vikhagen tells about surprised people when they see that he is not using crutches. He then tells about what has happened. On his jacket, he also has attached the ministry pin from Jesus Heals ministries. The pin shows a person lifting the crutches in the air.

Better vision than when he was 40 years old

Vikhagens vision was also healed. When he was 40 years old he started needing glasses. When he was in his 40s, he had to start wearing glasses, because he had an astigmatism and had double vision. It was especially problematic when he was driving. Later he also needed glasses to enable him to read the subtitles on TV. During the meeting Pedersen prayed for his eyesight as well. Now he can see well when he's driving the car or watching television, and he only needs glasses when he is reading the newspaper.

-I was also examined by the optometrist. He said everything looked good and that I did not need glasses when driving. At the same time, I managed to read all the letters on the eyechart, even the bottom line of letters in the smallest print!

Vikhagen also participated in the ministries television program "The Miracle is Yours" on the TV Vision Norway channel and testified about what God had done.

-The Miracle Saturday meeting was a great experience, where I made many good friends. It's amazing miracles I have been able to take part in. A big thank you to God and all the care I got at the healing center, he said.

HAPPY: Håkon Vikhagen (88) traveled a nearly 1700 km round trip to get to the Miracle Saturday meeting to receive prayer. This road trip he does not regret. Here he sits with his sick and weak legs waiting for the doors to open.

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