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-Now I can read and hear well

HEALED: Arild Olsen from Grovfjord can finally enjoy the tranquility after years of having tinnitus in his ears. The reading problems after a stroke God also fixed after receiving prayer by Svein - Magne Pedersen.
Arild Olsen had a stroke which resulted in him having trouble reading. He also had tinnitus. In Grovfjord the power of God came and the ailments disappeared instantly.

One afternoon in 2008, Arild Olsens became so unusually tired. He lay down on the sofa, and he did not remember anything else before he awoke in the hospital.

-Fortunately the mailman stopped by. When he was unable to wake me up, he called the ambulance. At the hospital in Harstad they discovered that I had suffered a stroke.

Arild bounced back relatively quickly after the incident, but one thing he had problems with was:

-I could not read properly. I especially had problems with the letters A and E. They were turned upside down. It was not easy to read.

In the course of the meeting in Grovfjord Pedersen prayed for him. Since then he has not had trouble reading.


Arild had also for several years suffered from tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. This was the result of having worked in different professions with a lot of noise. He had amongst other jobs, worked in the mines of Spitsbergen and was drilling in the mountains and at various facilities in Stavanger. The tinnitus was very bothersome.

-In the beginning of the meeting Pedersen prayed for each individual person for five seconds. I got into the line-up, and when he put his hands on me, the tinnitus disappeared instantly. Now I do not hear beeping sounds anymore.

Healthy knees

Eight years ago Arild also experienced God's healing power through prayer. For a few years he had struggled with wear and tear of the knees. The situation was so severe that he had to walk sideways down steep hills.

Finally he called the prayer phone, but he did not notice anything then and there. A few days later he discovered that something had taken place.

-I was going to do some work in a potato field. Without thinking, I walked straight down a steep slope. When I discovered what I had done, I noticed that the pain was gone. Since then, my knees have been in good shape, says Arild and laughs.

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