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Compression fracture healed

HEALED: Roy Olav Strand became healed in Bodø in 2012.
During the Christmas of 2011, Roy Olav Strand from Kjerringøy had a severe compression fracture in his back. This resulted in some paralysis, and he could hardly walk. When Svein-Magne prayed for him in Bodø, he was instantly healed and his back straightened up.

Roy Olav Strand lives on Kjerringøy forty kilometers north of Bodø. For several years he worked as a contractor, which involved a lot of heavy lifting. For the last twenty years he had therefore struggled with back pain. He was still in shape to be able to work as a contractor.

During Christmas 2011 something happened that would have its consequences. Roy Olav worked to refurbish a concrete floor, and carried a 88 lbs bag of sand up a stepladder. Suddenly he made a wrong step and fell to the floor.

-When I was about to get up, I noticed that I had no feeling in my legs. For 30 minutes I lay there until someone found me and then helped me home. We went to the hospital, where I was hospitalized for two days.

But they did not find out what was wrong, and he was sent home in a wheelchair. Eventually some of the feeling came back to his legs, but he was so weak that he almost could not walk. He acquired a walker to use outside. At home in his house, he had to toddle forward while he held onto the walls and furniture.

-I often had to use a chair to slide in front of me to maintain my balance. The stairs were very difficult. Sometimes I had to sit down and slowly slide down on my backside. I was quite handicapped everywhere I went.

After some time the doctor sent him to have an MRI scan. Here it was confirmed that he had a severe compression fracture, where one vertebra was pressed into another.

-The physiotherapist compared it to a plug that is pressed down into a bottle. At the same time my back and hips were uneven, which represented a level difference of 2.2 cm. I kept going to therapy, but after about 30 hours, it came to a point where the back was not getting any better. At home they were very worried about me, but I had faith that this would turn out well.

Straightened up

On Sunday May 13, 2012 Roy Olav and his wife, Jorunn went to Bodø to be prayed for by Svein-Magne Pedersen. Roy Olav brought his walker with him to the meeting and left it in the foyer, and then was helped into the sanctuary. His back was so weak that he had to sit leaning back in his chair. His wife was very worried that he would not endure the wait, but the couple were able to get prayer early.

-When Pedersen prayed for me, I felt an intense heat that flowed down my back, legs and down into the floor. It was an amazingly good feeling, and suddenly the pain vanished. I could both get up and walk without problems. My wife also commented that my back had become so straight. On the way home I had no need of the walker, and my wife protested that I walked too fast.

In great shape

The day after the trip to Bodø Roy Olav had an appointment with the physiotherapist. She was very surprised when she saw Roy Olav.

-Tell me what has happened, you walk so so quickly and your back has become so straight, she exclaimed as he entered. Roy Olav told her what had happened.

-It is fantastic! I've heard of people who have been healed, but I have never actually seen it myself, she exclaimed.

After that, Roy Olav had no further treatments. In the time that followed, the physiotherapist had called several times to see how it was going. Later he was at a check-up with a back specialist he had been to previously. He measured both his back and his balance and was very surprised when everything was in order. «Your back is absolutely straight,» he said, and Roy Olav told him what had happened.

When the doctor measured his height, it turned out that he had grown about two centimeters.

-Most seniors become slightly shorter over the years, but I've grown. It must have been God that has corrected the unevenness in my hip and back and made me taller.

In he time afterwards, he has been in better shape than he has for many years. Although he is 80 years of age and had retired long ago, he works and thrives.

-I climb ladders, paint, repair things and help where it is needed. I feel God is with me in everything and gives me strength. It is a delight to work, and the neighbours say I am like a rocket going across the yard. When they heard what had happened, they made a trip of their own to another meeting later that same year to receive prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen.

Happy wife

The trip to Bodø in May also had a great significance both for his wife Jorunn and for their marriage. In the last ten years Jorunn Strand had struggled with bitterness in her life due to a series of negative events in the past.

-I know that such resentment can lead to a number of psychosomatic ailments. The most important thing for me was to get rid of the negative attitude in life and start being more poisetive, she said.

When Pedersen prayed for her, she felt a warmth and she felt lighter at heart.

-It was like I got rid of a heavy burden in my life. I'm have a more positive outlook on life now, she says pleased.

Her husband has also seen a change, and both feel that God has given them a new strength in life.

-What has happened, has meant a lot to us. We deal with challenges in a very different way now. When negative situations arise, many times we laugh. We think of what God has done for us, and then the peace comes, he says.

WELL AND FREE: Roy Olav and Jorunn Strand both got their lives changed after receiving prayer from Pedersen in Bodø. Roy Olaf was healed of back pain that made him almost paralyzed, and Jorunn was set free from bitterness.

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