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TV prayer repaired Ebba's back

Bilde: NEW BACK: Ebba Holm struggled with back pain for almost 40 years, but God healed her back through the TV screen in 2002.
For 37 years Ebba Holm had pain in her back. During a TV program in 2002 the pain disappeared instantly.

Ebba Holm grew up in Biri in Gjøvik, but now she lives in Kristiansund. At the miracle weekend in Kristiansund she shared her testimony about when she was healed eleven years earlier.

It all began in 1965 when she was 24 years old. Someone struck her back with an umbrella. The pain was terrible, and afterwards it turned out that the lower vertebra was crushed.

-I was a stubborn person, so I gritted my teeth and pretended nothing had happened. Every day I went to work, while I also stayed active. This may have held my back in check, but I still had daily pain.

Around 1990, the doctor decided that she should undergo surgery. For over three years she waited until the operation could be performed. Unfortunately, her back did not get any better. Enduring life with pain therefore continued, but on October 23, 2002 something special happened.

-My husband and I were watching a talk show on Norwegian TV2. A healing preacher named Svein-Magne Pedersen urged the sick to lay their hand on the television while he prayed to God.

Ebba did as Pedersen said, and she could feel a tingling in her body. At the same time her feet became very warm, which was peculiar, since her feet were always cold. In that same moment the pain in her back disappeared. Ebba did not tell her husband about it, because he did not believe in such things. She would therefore test out her back before she said anything. In order to get up from the chair in the living room, she always had to lean her hands on the livingroom table, otherwise she could not get up, and that hurt very much. She therefore tried to stand up from the chair. This she managed to do without using her hands.

-Something has definitely happened here, I said to my husband, who was very surprised. Since then the infliction has been gone, and today her back is still healed. I'm very happy about this!

HAPPY: Ebba Holm was present at the meeting in Kristiansund. Over the weekend both she and her husband, Arnt, said a definitive yes to Jesus.

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