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A brief history of the founder of Jesus Heals Ministries and the foundation.

Healing preacher Svein-Magne born in 1948 comes from the small town of Håkvik by the city of Narvik. He has a Lutheran background and grew up among Laestadians in northern Norway. His parents belonged to this movement within the Norwegian Church. Today Svein-Magne is a member of the Pentecostal church Filadelfia in Vennesla.

One day in 1964 he read the book "Heal the sick" by the famous evangelist T.L. Osborn. The book awakened faith and interest in divine healing in him.

One day during his theological studies at the Ansgar Bible School in Oslo, he listened to a Lutheran charismatic preacher from America who taught the theology students about healing through prayer. After this teaching session, he asked God to give him the gift of healing. This happened on May 29, 1971. Since then he has practiced praying for the sick. The first healing he experienced was when his sister-in-law Grethe one July day in 1971 was cured from flat feet.

From 1982 to 1988 he was the pastor of two Canadian Pentecostal churches, ministered to the Natives in Canada and had his own television program, called «The New Dimension». In 1988 he moved back to Norway with his family. In 1990 he founded the society Jesus Heals Ministries, the magazine «Healing» and his publishing company. Currently there are close to 20 people working for the ministry.

From the ministry office in Vennesla by Kristiansand he prays for thousands of sick people each year. He has healing meetings and seminars on healing in Norway and abroad, in churches, community centers, and at alternative health fairs held at hotel conference rooms. Jesus Heals Ministries regularily supports two ministries in India and is building orphanages in that country. 10 orphanages are already built for 1000 orphans in the state of Orissa. Soon the ministry will build 10 more orphanages for another 1000 orphans outside of the city of Chennai. Jesus Heals Ministries also has a society based in Canada, ministering in Canada (ministry among Native Americans and Scandinavians).

In July 2004, Svein-Magne Pedersen received a theological PhD. doctorate from Life Christian University, in Tampa, Florida.

Pedersen became known in Norway after participating in a number of TV programs covering all of Norway. He has also become known through various articles in newspapers and magazines, where the focus has been healing through prayer.

In 2005 he started his own weekly TV program, "The Miracle is Yours" which since then has been sent throughout all of Europe and the Middle East through the Gospel Channel. In February 2006, he started Tele Church (in Norway only), where people every Wednesday. 8:00 and 9:00 PM can call in to hear a devotional and receive prayer. In 2008 he started "Nazareth School," a correspondence course for healing. In 2010 he prepared correspondence course "The Way Onward," a course for new Christians.

Through «Healing» Publishing, he has published eight books about healing and salvation and a number of tracts to use in evangelism.

The magazine «Healing» has had a remarkable growth. It is currently the largest ministry magazine in Norway. Here the focus is on healing. Pedersen is the editor of the magazine. Over 200,000 Norwegians read the magazine (3 percent of Norway's population) each time it comes out (five issues per year).

On December 2, 2008 Svein-Magne Pedersen with his staff moved into a new healing center in Vennesla of a value of 28 million kroners. Here are 15 offices, an auditorium, kitchen, dining room, storage and a large TV studio where the TV program "The Miracle is Yours" is produced. It is being sent from the Indian city Chennai to 48 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Southern Europe. The program was from 2012 also sent across Canada.

Pedersen claims that more 100,000 have been healed through his ministry through prayer. One million prayers have been prayed for the sick people. Every year he prays for 70,000 individuals and each year several thousand people give feedback about having been cured through his intercession. Every year a large number are saved during Svein-Magne campaigns in Norway and abroad.

Svein-Magne is an evangelist, editor of the magazine «Healing», Chairman and CEO of Jesus Heals Ministries.

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