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No more need for walker or magnifying glass

GOOD EYESIGHT: For more than twenty years, Astrid Borgan had struggled with poor vision. -When Pedersen prayed for me in BodÝ, my eyesight became great, she says happily.
For many years Astrid Borgan from the town of RÝrvik struggled with pain in her feet when she wore shoes. Her eyesight was also poor and no glasses could be of any help. In October she made the trip to the miracle service in BodÝ, a trip she has not regretted taking.

Astrid Borgan from the town of RÝrvik has for the last eight years experienced great challenges healthwise when it came to wearing shoes. Every time she she wore shoes, she experienced great pain in her feet.

-My toes would swell up and it stung terribly. I would also get pain in my legs and hips. It was especially painful to put on my shoes. Every time I went out to do different errands, I would be in so much pain. At home I was only able to use socks or slippers to relieve my feet.

Borgan tells that she went to see the doctor, who said that it was wear and tear because of her age, but she did not receive any substantial help. Because it hurt so much, she began buying shoes that were two sizes above her own shoe size. The pain was still there, which made it very difficult to walk.

-I finally purchased a walker, because I felt that my gait was so wobbly. People who saw me could almost believe I was drunk. It helped somewhat, and I was able to relieved my feet a little, she says and laughs.

Borgan had for several years heard about Svein-Magne Pedersen and was a subscriber to to his magazine. When she read that he was coming to the city of BodÝ, she decided to attend the meeting along with some friends. On October 13 they travelled on a ship from RÝrvik to BodÝ.

-When he prayed for me, my body became warm and I felt lighter all over. Eventually it felt as if I was walking on pillows. Now I do not feel anymore pain and I leave the walker at home when I'm out shopping. People in the neighbourhood wonder what has happened, and I tell them what God has done.

Received a good eye sight

Astrid had for years also struggled with a poor vision. In 1979 she got her driver's license, and already then she used glasses. Eventually she got thyroid problems, something that probably affected the vision. In the course of the coming years her vision deteriorated.

-In the last twenty years I have had vision problems. It was like fog in front of my eyes. I was constantly at the optometrist and had my glasses replaced, but nothing helped. Every time I read, I had to use a magnifying glass.

Six years ago Astrid had an eye operation for cataracts. Her eyes improved for a while, but her poor vision returned.

-During the healing service in BodÝ, Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for her eyesight. When he removed his hand, the fogginess disappeared and she could see better.

-When I left the premises and went to the hotel, it was dark outside, but it went well anyway. Now my vision is great, and I don't need to use a magnifying glass when reading, but only reading glasses. I am incredibly happy that I made the trip to BodÝ. This I have not regretted and I would gladly make the trip again.

Laid hand on TV

In the time that followed the trip to BodÝ, Astrid experienced more of Gods healing power. A few months ago she fell in the kitchen and injured her arm. It hurt to use her arm, and she felt pain constantly. In late October she watched the television program "The Miracle is Yours" on TV Vision Norway.

-When Pedersen prayed for the sick during the program, I put my hand on the TV, and my arm was healed. I can not understand what I have done that deserve such kindness. And my sleep has improved, and this is not something that bothers me anymore. I thank the Lord because he works wonders, says Astrid Borgan.

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