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God unlocked Gunnar's hip

HEALING OF THE HIP: Gunnar Andersen was instantly healed after receiving prayer at the Miracle Saturday meeting. This picture was taken at Svein-Magne Pedersens meeting in the pentecostal church Filadelfia Vennesla on March 7, 2010, where he testified about the miracle that took place.
Whenever Gunnar Andersen bent down to the floor in the wrong position, his hip would end up locking itself. The pains were excruciating. But after receiving prayer at the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla on January 23, 2010, his hip has been healed.

Text and photo by Tor-Bjørn Nordgaard

About two years ago, the problems with Gunnar Andersens right hip started. When he bent down to grab something off the floor, his hip locked in horrific pain, and it had continued this way ever since, almost every time he bent down. Eventually he found different possitions and techniques to avoid having his hip lock, but this happened constantly regardless.

- I had to slowly pry my hip joint loose in order to straighten out my leg, which was a very painful process, he tells.

Miracle Saturday

Gunnar is from the the town of Øvrebø in the municipality of Vennesla. He was well aquainted with Svein-Magne Pedersens ministry. On January 23, 2010 he attended the Miracle Saturday meeting at the healing centre where Svein-Magne preached and prayed for the sick. When Gunnar received prayer, the hip problems ceased immediately.

- I sensed a kind of warmth when he prayed, and I figured that something was now happening. The healing must have come instantly, since after receiving prayer I have not felt any pain in my hip. God does miracles, Gunnar firmly states.

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