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Healed through the TV screen

HEALED: When Mette Anensen watched the TV program The Miracle is Yours , her arm got healed.
For four years, Mette Aanensen (73) was unable to bend her left arm. The doctors had given up on her, and daily life was problematic. When she watched the TV program The Miracle is Yours , the situation turned around.

-This is how I did it, Mette Aanensen says, and sits down on her knees in front of the television and puts her arm on the TV screen. We meet her at her home in the living room at Gimlekollen in the city of Kristiansand. Television pictures show Svein-Magne Pedersen praying for people during the program The Miracle is Yours. Mette is in good spirits and has a lot of interesting stuff to tell. No wonder, she has experienced a miracle in her living room.

-It all began in December 2008. Christmas was approaching, and I was going to decorate the living room. I climbed up on a chair to hang up a Christmas star. As I stretched out my arm, I felt that something happened in my upper arm. It felt like a nerve was severed. It hurt a little, and I took some Ibuprofin, but I could move my arm, and did not think about it anymore, she says.

The next day Mette felt the consequences of the incident. When she woke up the following morning, the arm was completely lifeless.

-It was just hanging there, and it was completely dead. I felt no pain to my arm and it had sensation, but I could not move it. It was very strange.


The limp arm created major challenges for Mette in the time that followed.

-I had feeling in my arm, but it had no mobility. For the first year I was partially disabled, because I am left-handed. This included everything from going to the bathroom and hanging up clothes, to cooking. Showering my hair was a pain. Something as simple as draining water from a pot of potatoes was difficult. The only 'good' that came out of the situation was that my husband had shown a new talent as "housewife".

Mette was also a person with many irons in the fire. One of her passions was to write and take pictures. Amongst other things, she had been a columnist for the local newspaper for many years.

-Fortunately I am half left-handed, so I could write something. I also managed to move my fingers and could therefore use the computer.

The worst I have seen

Several weeks passed, but nothing happened. Mette went to the physiotherapist, but after six treatments, he told her that he could not help her. There had to be something in her arm that was destroyed, and he referred her back to her doctor. After a while, the doctor sent her to have an MRI performed, and the results were very discouraging.

-This is one of the worst cases I have seen. The attachment for the tendon is ruptured, and there is a fair bit of calcification and fluid in the left arm. You must prepare yourself for being partially disabled, was the physician's conclusion.

The feedback from the doctor was very dramatic and not what Mette wanted to hear. She still did not want to give up. Many of her friends had various shoulder injuries, and they gave her advice on how she could train up her arm.

-After four years with many exercises, I could raise my arm in a rigid state and I had become more self-reliant, with some important exceptions. It was impossible to keep the elbow joint from hanging. My arm was completely locked. I trained and trained, but it seemed as if the condition was there to stay. Sometimes I dropped things to the floor, and I was so angry. I still needed help with some thing,s but I functioned fairly normally otherwise.

Prayer through the television

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, Mette was in the midst of a period with severe pneumonia, and she had a fever of 40 degrees Celsius. Antibiotics had not had the desired effect, and she realized that she had to seek new medical treatment with x-rays. She also struggled with a chronic lung disease on a daily basis.

When she was about to go to bed, Mette wanted to see if there was anything interesting on the BBC channel. She accidentally clicked the wrong channel on the remote control, and instead TV Vision Norway appeared on the TV screen. There Svein-Magne Pedersen was on the TV program, The Miracle is Yours. This was a re-run. She sat down to watch.

-Although I profess to being a Christian, I had no special association with Pedersen and the environment in Vennesla. I had heard that Pedersen had helped people through prayer, but I had no expectations.

Towards the end of the broadcast Pedersen prayed for the sick and he urged people to put their hand on the TV screen, which Mette did.

-I wholeheartedly put this with having healthy lungs into the prayer. I got down on my knees and stretched my arm towards Pedersen's hand on the TV screen. During the prayer, I felt that my arm was a little bit numb, but nothing more happened. My husband thought that I had lost my sanity along with my health. Immediately afterwards we went to bed, and I slept for the first time in a long time undisturbed by coughing and another things that had broken my sleep for so long. The next morning I woke up feeling fit as a fiddle. My voice was clear, I took deep and long breaths and was all fired up. My husband, however, believed that such a thing could happen, and that there might be underlying mental sensors that did the trick.

Miracle arm

It was during breakfast that she really discovered what had happened.

-I was having breakfast when I raised my arm inadvertently. "Look, I can lift my arm," I said to my husband."Yes, this is a miracle," he said surprised.

Mette can now rejoice that she can live normally. Now Mette has the main responsibility for housework again.

-My arm functions very well. Now I excercise it every day, so it can be even stronger. My lungs are also improved. We can not explain how it happened, but I have no doubt that it is due to the power Svein-Magne Pedersen undoubtedly possesses. This healing was completely free, and it also disproves that economic interests drive Svein-Magne Pedersen forward in the healing ministry. People have to make a living. The fact that the ministry in Vennesla needs to have economic sustainability should be understandable for those outside. Neither clergy or other professionals helping people with spiritual and physical problems are being harassed publicly when they try to help as many people as possible. I am not modest in telling what happened with me, says Mette Aanensen.

FLEXIBLE: - Now I can easily lift a cup of coffee, says Mette Aanensen. Since Christmas of 2008, she could not bend her left arm, but the power of God healed her four years later.

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