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Randi Jensen:
-Now I can go for walks again

OUT FOR A WALK: Randi Jensen is looking forward to many trips in the mountains in times to come. In the last three years she has struggled with an inflammation of the hips, but after receiving prayer by Svein-Magne Pedersen in BodÝ, she was healed.
After suffering with hip problems for three years, Randi Jensen can finally go for walks in the forest again. She was healed at the meeting in the city of BodÝ in Norway.

Randi Jensen lives in BodÝ and has her whole life enjoyed going for walks in the forest. In the last three years there had not been many hikes in the outdoors.

-I got bursitis in my right hip and it was very painful to walk. In the course of my life I have been through some hits and falls which has caused wear and tear on my knees. It was terrible not being able to go outside, and I took two to four pain killers a day. For the most part I had to stay inactive. It was hard to sleep and lie still because of the pains. I tried going for a walk in the mountains this summer, but it was very painful and not much fun. It ended with having to lie down for an hour.

Momentarily healed

When Jensen came to the healing service with Svein Magne Pedersen in the city of BodÝ that Sunday evening, she saw that many people were healed. She took a number in the queue to receive prayer, and around ten o'clock pm, it was her turn to receive prayer.

-I felt an indescribable heat go into my body. It was as if someone laid a hot water bottle on my hip, and I felt vibration. The pains disappeared instantaneously, and I have not had any pain since.

It is totally fantastic, and I have gone for a few hikes already. I do not dread summer and fall now, because I now know that there will be many hikes in the mountains.

11 millimeter gall bladder stone

Jensen can also testify to that she has been healed after receiving prayer from Svein-Magne previously. On Christmas Eve 16 years ago she started feeling enormous pain to her abdomen. Two days later she was sendt by an ambulance to the emergency department of the hospital. They referred her to having more examinations done by having an ultrasound performed. At the medical centre it was confirmed that she had an overgrown gall bladder stone of 11 millimeters.

-The doctor applied to have an operation performed, but the hospital could not do anything unless an infection had taken place in the gall bladder. There was to much frustration and pain and I did not tolerate much, she says.

That summer Randi read in the news paper that Pedersen was coming to the city of BodÝ to pray for people. At the time he had an office in BodÝ where he worked at times praying for people.

-I booked an appointment to receive prayer. When he prayed, I felt the same intense warmth that I felt when the hip pain disappeared. Afterwards, I could not feel any pain from the gall bladder stone, and because of this, nothing was done about this matter.

Fourteen years later, during the Christmas of 2010 she was acutely sick again and was admitted to the hospital. There it was confirmed that she had an infection of the pancreas, and they had to operate. To hinder the infection from coming back, the the doctors chose to remove the gall bladder stone and the gall bladder.

-When they removed the gall bladder stone they were shocked. The stone was still 11 millimeters, black and very discoloured. The doctors could not understand that I had not felt any pain all of these years, but I knew that Gods healing power was with me. I have the gall bladder stone in a glass at home, and that is proof that God spared me from 16 years of pain.

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