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Anne Kirsti's back was healed:
-I have never been so happy before

HEALED: For several years Anne Kirsti Torafsen Lind from Øksnes had a bad back. After Svein Magne Pedersen prayed for her over the phone the pain disappeared. -I am so happy and have been given energy back into my life, she says happily.
For several years Kirsti Toralfdotter Lind from Øksnes suffered with enormous pain in her hip. Moving about was a terrible struggle and she was eventually put on a disability pension. When she called Svein-Magne, she got a surprise from Jesus.

In the mid 70's Anne Kirsti from Vedhøggan in Øksnes went to the doctor because she had pain in her back. The doctor discovered that her left leg was shorter than the other leg. He prepared her for the back getting worse later in life. He arranged for her to get an insole that could help somewhat. As time passed Anne Kirsti was very busy, and therefore she never did get an insole. Life proceeded with Anne Kirsti not having too much pain. But in 1998 something happened that would make her life situation worse.

-My daughter got sick, which consumed a lot of my energy. It was a battle with the municipality and the hospital. I was very discouraged and began eating comfort food and gained many kilos. Because my body was so burdened, I started to get severe pain in the lower back and down the side of my hip, she says.

Because of the challenges with her daughter being sick, as well as severe back pain, Anne Kirsti ended up with disability benefits.

Anne Kirsti says that the pain kept getting worse. The last eight years were absolutely horrific. Twice she had to be picked up by the ambulance, because her back was giving her trouble.

-I had been very active for a few days, and suddenly I got a backpain that was so severe that I was unable to get up. I crawled over to the phone and called my sister. Furthermore, I was picked up by the ambulance and I was in the hospital a few days.

Got words of knowledge

Anne Kirsti was offered strong painkillers, which she at first did not want to not use. Eventually the pain became so bad that she just had to take them.

-It hurt all the time. I had trouble walking, and my sister, who was nine years older than me, and well over 70, walked faster.

Despite her ailments Anne Kirsti strongly believed that God could heal people. She was very well aquainted with Svein-Magnes ministry. Often she called to receive prayer for friends and family, but she never called requesting prayer for herself. One spring day in 2012 she called concerning another person who was ill. During the call, Pedersen suddenly said that he wanted to pray for her.

-God is telling me that you have back pain and wear and tear in the left hip and foot, he said.

-Suddenly I remembered what the doctor had said in the 1970s about one leg being shorter. I had thought of it earlier, but now it really hit home. Pedersen could not know about this, so it had to be from God. I did not notice anything in particular when he prayed, but I was still happy to receive prayer.


Two weeks later Anne Kirsti discovered that the pain was gone. She was very surprised.

-I could not believe it. I tried to walk, jump, run and bend down, but I felt no pain. It was absolutely incredible.

A few days later she and her sister made a trip to to the mall in Sortland. She felt this happiness in her body and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Before she used to take the escalator, but now she could run up the stairs without holding onto the railing. Her sister was very surprised.

Anne Kirsti tells that all summer she was working out in the garden without pain.She was full of energy and lifted large stones with ease. In addition, she could spend more time with her hobby. Anne Kirsti works as a sculptor in her spare time.

-I can not recall having been so happy in my life. To think that God would help a frail person like myself. It has hardly dawned on me how fortunate I am. I am a very happy person and I witness to all about what God has done, she says.

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