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Healed from eight ailments

EIGHT MIRACLES: At a meeting in BodÝ Kamla Masih experienced getting healed of eight ailments.
Kamla Masih came to the healing weekend in the city of BodÝ in Norway with altogether eight ailments. After the meetings, she was rid of all diseases and now feel like a new person.

One year ago when Kamla was going for a walk, she suddenly fell on some rocks and hit her right knee. The knee swelled up and became very painful. After a while, she went to see the doctor. He told her that she had to give it time and that there was little that they could do to help her.

-After all, you are 59 years of age, he said, and figured that Masih would have to live with this.

-It hurt very much, and I was in a lot of pain. I struggled with getting up and out of chairs and bending down. At my church there were a lot of staircases. Here I had to slowly take one step at a time, while I dragged my right leg. People constantly stopped and and wondered what had happened to me, she says.

Masih knew of Svein-Magne and the ministry. She also had all his books and subscribed to his magazine. When she read that Pedersen was coming to BodÝ May 12-13, 2012, she decided to attend the meeting.

-I went to the healing service with the certainty that I would be healed. At the meeting I felt the power of God, and when he prayed for me, I felt a warmth and experienced a comfortable feeling in my knee. It was the following day that I noticed that the pain was gone. I suddenly stopped in the stairway and noticed that I walked normally without feeling pain. It was fantastic, and I was so happy.

Car accident

Fifteen years ago Masih was also in a car accident. The seat belt saved her from serious injury, but it was also so tight over her left arm, which was therefore injured. The doctor was not able to do much, other than prescibe large amounts of pain killers. Everyday life was therefore painful and difficult.

-I struggled with bending my arm back, and it was difficult to get dressed and comb my hair. I also had a large Indian Bible that I used to read. I was unable to hold it in my left hand anymore. I had to use my right hand. While receiving prayer in BodÝ, a comfortable warmth came, and the pain disappeared instantly, she says.

Stomach problems

Another ailment Masih had struggled with over the last five years was stomach problems.

During this time, she had not been able to eat properly.

-My stomach would get hard and it would bloat, and was painful. I was very frustrated because I did not know what the root cause was. My appetite was gone and this was very sad. During the service, Pedersen prayed for my stomach. In the time that followed, I have eaten normally without any problems. Thank God for being so good, she says happily.

The power of God in the room

For several years Masih had had bad hearing on her right ear, which had developed with age. When people talked to her, they often had to repeat what they had said, because she did not catch what they said. If she talked on the cellular phone, she had to use her left ear.

-In the course of the weekend in BodÝ I was healed from many ailments by Pedersen laying his hans on me and praying for me, but the bad hearing was healed without receiving prayer. When I came to the meeting, I felt the power of God in the room, and I figured that God could heal me without the laying on of hands. I had so many ailments that it would be quite difficult to pray for all of them. During the meeting, I noticed that I could hear normally. God touched me with his power in the room, she tells.

When they called from Svein-Magnes magazine a few weeks later, her hearing is still good:

-Now I am speaking to you with the receiver on my right ear. I was not able to do this before, and this is proof that something has happened, she says happily.

Back and sciatica

Masih has lived in Norway for 24 years after she moved from India.When she came to Norway, she started working in a nursery school. This led to a lot of heavy lifting, and eventually she got severe pain in her back.This led to a lot of heavy lifting, and eventually she got severe pain in her back. In addition, she struggled with a painful right hip. Masih eventually went to the doctor, who sent her to radiology. The X-ray showed that she had sciatica. This led her to getting a disability pension because of the ailment.

-There was not much they could do. Lots of hard work and three child births as well had been hard on my back and hips. I went to the healing service on Sunday as well and received prayer. This time it was for the back, hip, and the sciatica which disappeared.

Poisonous gases

In the course of the evening in BodÝ Pedersen got a few words of knowledge concerning ailments people in the congregation were struggling with.

-There is someone here who has inhaled a toxin that has damaged the lungs, Pedersen said suddenly.

Masih was sitting in the congregation following along. She realized that it was concerning her.

Last year she had visited some friends in a village in India. One morning when she went for a walk along some fields, there were farmers spraying their crops with herbicide. Because of the wind, the herbicide blew in her direction, and caused her to inhale some of the poison.

-After this happened, I had problems with my breathing. It felt as if something was stuck in my throat, and it was very uncomfortable. Now my breathing is totally fine, she says laughingly.

Free from claustrophobia

Another disorder Masih had struggled with was the fear of confined spaces, known as claustrophobia.

This made everyday life difficult to deal with. She struggled with being in small conference rooms and had not been to the dentist for many years. It was also a challenge to take the bus, and using the elevator was out of the question.

-If I was going to ride in a car, I always had to take the front seat. One time when I was going to have an MRI, I had to have a friend with me to hold my hand the whole time. It was absolutely terrible. At home I had to keep the windows open and the temperature on the heaters kept low, she tells.

Masih also found it a struggle taking a shower, especially when she washed her hair. She then felt trapped.

-My Indian hair needed to be groomed often, but I only washed it once a week because of the struggle I had to go through every time I showered. After the meeting, I had showered my hair many times a week. It is hard to understand, and now I enjoy showering. I also can have the windows closed and the heaters turned up. This has not happened it ages.

What do you think about being healed from so many ailments?

-It is absolutely amazing! When I went to the meeting, it was with the certainty and faith that things would happen, but I never expected that God would deal with so many ailments. I do not regret coming to the meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen. Now I feel like a completely new person, and I thank God every day, she concludes happily.

A NEW PERSON: Kamla Masih (59) got rid of eight ailments during the miracle services in BodÝ. I got a new body and I feel like a new person, she says happily.

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