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Free from eating disorders

WAS FREE: It was as if someone turned on a light switch, said Raymond Eriksen. He was free from eating disorders when Svein-Magne prayed for him.
When Raymond Eriksen (25) was in his second year of high school, he lost almost 30 kg in weight due to anorexia and bulimia. But when his mother called Svein-Magne requesting prayer for Raymond, it was as if someone flicked on a switch.

It all began with the 17-year-old from BodÝ when he started practicing taekwondo. The participants were eventually divided into weight groups, to practice sparring with partners of their own size. Raymond weighed at the time 87 kg, and was just heavy enough that he ended up in the top weight group, which was for everyone over 80 kg. The opponents could weigh well over 100 kg, and Raymond thought that because of this it would be an advantage to lose weight. He only needed to lose a few kg to reach a certain weight group.

Extreme focus on weight

-I started working out on the treadmill, and I discovered that it was actually very easy to lose weight. Soon I figured out that I could go down another weight group, he says.

It did not take long before the weight focus went to the extreme.

-I weighed the food I ate, and kept a count of how many calories and carbs I ate. I ate only bread with salami and cheese and I never indulged in sweets or foods such as pizza and hamburgers. If I occasionally allowed myself to be tempted to eat something unhealthy with my friends, I pushed myself to either throw it up again, or to work out more to get rid of those extra calories.

Compulsive thinking about losing weight led to tough physical training.

-I worked out at the gym every day and I jogged 8-10 km daily, says Raymond.

-Within one year, I went from 87 kg down to 58 kg in weight.

Thin and unhealthy

Although the weight loss helped him to go down some weight groups in taekwondo, it did not result in him being good at the sport.

-I did not get stronger by losing weight. In that sense, the whole thing was pretty useless, he commented.

After a while he stopped actively practicing taekwondo, and he stopped before he had acquired a black belt. His friends began making remarks about him having become very thin. His mother was worried. She brought it up with his doctor, but the doctor did not understand the seriousness of the matter. He downplayed it all and said that it happens that teenagers do not want to eat that much food. But his mother knew how unhealthy his weight focus had become. Deep down inside Raymond was aware of it too.

-I knew that it was not normal for people around me to do the same things I did. I realized that not everyone else went to throw up after they had eaten, and that it was not normal to never be able to treat themselves. But I just could not do anything about it. I could not sit down at my own initiative and eat without having to work it off afterwards, he describes.

His health and his mood were both affected.

-When I ran my hand through my hair, I was left with many strands of hair in my hand. My hair fell out because I did not get enough vitamins. When someone made remarks about that I ate little or trained too much, I was annoyed. One gets a little bit edgy when not ingesting the needed nutrients.

A switch was turned on

After these problems had been going on for a year and a half, his mother decided to call to Svein-Magne requesting prayer for her son. She had good experience with receiving prayer from before.

-One time when I was in elementary school, I broke my hand while I was playing rugby. My hand was put in a cast, but the fracture healed crookedly and it hurt. My mother took me to Svein-Magne who was praying for the people in the town of Sundby in Saltdal. When I went to the clinic for a check-up one week later, it showed that the fracture had healed fine, and much faster than expected, Raymond remembers.

This time when his mother called Svein-Magne on his intercession phone, she did not tell Raymond that she had called. But this was no hindrance to answered prayer.

-Suddenly one day it was as if someone turned on a light switch. On the day that it happened, I sat down and ate normally, he said. When his mother told him what she had done, he understood why.

-This was definitely not a placebo effect, since I did not know that he had prayed for me, Raymond stresses.

Raymond is now 25, and is studying economics at the University of Nordland. He has eaten normally now for five years, and exercises a bit to stay physically fit, but not to the extent as he did before.

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