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26 years of pain disappeared

NEW ANKLE: For 26 years Anne Sylte, from the city of Molde in Norway struggled with a stiff and painful ankle. When Svein-Magne prayed for her during the meeting in Aukra on September 15, 2012, the pain disappeared and her ankle became like new.
In 1986 Anne Sylte crushed her ankle when she jumped from the second story of a burning house. After seven surgeries and 26 painful years she is now pain free and can go for long walks without problems.

One spring night in 1986, Anne Sylte and her son awoke from the bedroom door being slammed shut. At the same time they could hear a strange hissing sound coming from the story below them. Anne went to the door to see what it could be. When she opened the door, black smoke rushed into the room. And it sounded like a stormy weather coming from downstairs. Despairing, she understood that the house was on fire and it was impossible to use the stairway to get down. The only escape route was to jump out the window.

-We did not have time to get dressed. We just had to get out. My seven year old son jumped out first, but when I jumped after I landed in an awkward position and crushed my ankle. It was incredibly painful and I was unable to walk, therefore my son had to run to the neighbour to get help. Eventually the fire department came and extinguished the fire. The house was saved, but the entire first floor was scorched off, says Anne.

Used crutches

Anne was very grateful that her family and the house were spared, but it was sad that her ankle was damaged. It was completely crushed, and she had to undergo seven surgeries in the course of several years.

-In the first weeks after the fire I was hospitalized, and I wore a cast for the first two years. My ankle was both painful and stiff, but I still did not want to use painkillers. To begin with, I was supposed to be receiving disability benefits, but I was stubborn and wanted to work. I got a job in the health sector and had a good boss who found a position that was not so stressful for me. She was still on sick leave many times over the years. Doctors said there was nothing to be done. The only way to alleviate the pain was to stiffen the whole ankle, something I would rather not do.

Everyday life was not easy for Anne. When she came home from work, she would have such great pains that she used crutches for the rest of the day. She had to use crutches the next day to get out of bed the next morning. Anne had been very fond of hiking in the woods, which became problematic with an injured ankle.

-It was always painful to walk and after the hikes the pain worsened. So I always had to plan my trips in the woods. I could never go for a walk in the woods the day before I was going to work.


Anne Sylte is originally from the city of Alta in Norway, where she grew up. But she moved to the city of Molde in 1994. She has subscribed to Svein-Magnes magazine for years. She had hoped that she would one day meet Svein-Magne, so that he could pray for her. When she saw the ad in the newspaper that Pedersen was coming to the neighbouring municipality of Aukra, she decided to go.

-On Saturday, on September 15, I took the ferry to attend the meeting at the church Klippen. Being from the county of Finnmark in the northernmost part of Norway, I was not unfamiliar with supernatural things, but it was incredible to hear about the miracles that took place. I was so fascinated, that I was one of the last people who left that meeting. When Pedersen prayed for me during the meeting, he placed his foot over mine. I did not feel anything in particular right away, but suddenly the pain disappeared. When he prayed again, the stiffness went away and I could move my ankle normally. It was just incredible, says Anne.

The day after the healing service, she was at her cabin in Aukra. She then went for a long walk with the dog of someone who was visiting her.

-On this hike I was actually slightly jogging, and it was just fantastic to not feel any pain. In the days that followed, I went for many hikes in the woods. Everyday life has been made new, Anne Sylte says with a satisfied smile.

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