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Doctors had given up on her

Miraculously declared well: Laila VassbÝ (67) had cancer and the doctors had given up on her. She was healed when Svein-Magne prayed for her. This year she was also healed of osteoarthritis, back pain and breathing problems.
According to the doctors it is incomprehensible that Laila VassbÝ (67) is still living. She was miraculously healed of cancer when Svein-Magne prayed for her in 2003, and is as of today declared well after a number of check-ups at the hospital.

The cancer nightmare began in the year 2003 for Laila VassbÝ, who at the time lived in the city of Skien in Norway, but now lives in the town of Kviteseid in the county of Telemark in Norway. Doctors found colon cancer, and it was removed. But shortly after she received bad news.The cancer had spread to both the lymphatic system and to both lungs. She started on a tough chemotherapy treatment, which made her so sick that she could not finish it.

-I was so weak from the chemo that my husband had to carry me around the house, she tells.

The treatment was therefore interrupted.

Nothing more could be done

When the doctors at the hospital in Skien and Radiumhospitalet continued check-ups, she was informed of even worse news. They failed to get rid of the deadly disease. There was nothing more they could do.

-I asked them how long I had left to live, and they replied that I should not ask so much, she tells.

Laila experienced comfort and strength from God in a special way when she received the terrible message.

-I felt how the power of God carried me through it all, and that I could rest in the Lord all the way, she tells.

As the disease progressed, Laila had pain that worsened.

-In the last 11 months before I was healed, I went on daily doses of different types of morphine, prescribed by a pain physician at Radiumhospitalet, she says.

Burned the morphine

The miracle occurred when Svein Magne Pedersen had meetings in Seljord weekend 8 and 9 February 2003. She and her husband were at the cabin in the same municipality, and went to the meetings so that she would receive prayer. What happened next she remembers well.

-I did not take morphine that day, because I wanted to be sure I was able to keep a close eye on everything that happened., Laila says.

-When he began to pray for me, he put his hand behind my back, where the pain was. Then a heat just below his hand, went into my whole back, right up to the neck, she describes. -When we got back to the cabin, and I was going to bed, my husband made me aware that my back was full of small, red circles, she continues.

-The day after all the pain was gone. The same day I threw the morphine in the wood stove and burned it, and since I have not needed it, Laila says.

-I was shocked when I discovered that I could throw away the morphine. It would not have been possible without God intervening, she points out.

Clean bill of health

The routine checkups at the hospital continued as before even after this experience. But the doctors were sparse with information.

-I heard that this was incomprehensible, because they had not experienced similar cases. There's a lot they do not know about cancer, and therefore it is often they will not say so much, was Laila's experience. The next six years she continued to go to the routine checkups, although she felt like she was in good health.

When she got new pain in her chest, the doctors decided to investigate her by fluoroscopy in an X-ray machine that they had put off using, to avoid burdening her body with more radiation than necessary. That was when they received the documentation they needed to confirm her recovery. The pain she had felt was not caused by cancer.

-The cancer department said that the pictures were absolutely fine, and that after having met with them regularly for ten years finally I was declared healthy, says Laila.

Healed in her back

At a meeting in Porsgrunn Baptist Church in March, 2012, she also received prayer for back pain and osteoarthritis. Also, these symptoms disappeared during prayers, after Svein-Magne prayed for her.

-I have had terrible pain in my back after I helped to carry an organ in our house when we moved in 2006. After this I have not been able to stand long enough to wash a full round of dishes. When I was busy doing something, I had to keep laying down on the floor or the couch and take a break before I could continue working, she says.

-But now the pain is gone, she states.

In approximately 15 years, she has been suffering with osteoarthritis in multiple joints in the body, especially in the arms.

I used strong painkillers every day for years. If I did not use painkillers, I could not accomplish anything. But after the meeting in Porsgrunn, I have not touched the pills, because the pain is gone and I do not need them anymore, says Laila VassbÝ.

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