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Healed from anointed handkerchief

POWER: Jan Helge Jacobsen from Flekker°y is not in doubt about the possibility of getting healed by using a prayer cloth. Twenty years ago, the brother-in-law of his wife was healed in the back after he wore a handkerchief Svein-Magne had prayed over.
Jan Helge Jacobsen has great faith in the power of a prayercloth. Twenty years ago, the brother-in-law of his wife was healed by wearing a handkerchief that Svein-Magne had prayed over and anointed.

Twenty years ago, Jan Helges wife from Flekker°y was going to attend the confirmation of her nephew in the Lofoten islands in the northern part of Norway. Before she was about to leave, she heard that the father of her nephew was bedridden because of back pain, and it was impossible for him to attend the confirmation.

-It was sad that he could not be there, but we hoped for the best. On the flight up to Lofoten she was sitting next to Svein Magne Pedersen. When they got to talking, she told about her brother-in-law who suffered with a bad back. Since Pedersen did not have a prayer cloth available at the moment, they used a clean handkerchief Pedersen prayed over instead, says Jan Helge.

When his wife arrived in Lofoten, she met the family. They were all sad that he could not attend the confirmation. Since the wife of the brother-in-law was very skeptical to prayer cloths and prayer, she did not mention what she had with her when she arrived. Instead she went straight up to the bedroom of the brother-in-law and told what she had with her. He was very pleased, and asked her to put the handkerchief inside the shirt on his back.

-The next day, when everyone came down for breakfast, the brother-in-law sat at the kitchen table all dressed up in a suit. The pain was gone and he was in perfect health. There were not many who understood how this could have happened, but we thanked Jesus, because he had intervened, says Jakobsen.

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