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Gerd Threw Away her Crutches.

HEALED: Finally after seven years of knee pain, Gerd Gjengaar was able to toss her crutches.
Finally after seven years of knee pain, Gerd Gjengaar was able to toss her crutches. Friends and family are now wondering what happened to the crutches.

Seven years ago, Gerd Gjengaar was going for holidays with her family. In the course of the holiday, she suddenly felt enormous pains to her back. She finally had to contact a doctor who gave her some strong medisines.

-The pills did not help me very much and I felt very sick. The pains were beyond description and I vomited many times. Finally the doctor performed an MRI that confirmed that I had staphylococcus aureus in my spinal cord. Gerd was transported to the hospital in the city of Tromsø, and later on she was transported with an ambulance plane to Oslo and the city of Tønsberg. Here she underwent extensive surgery and had to stay at the hospital for a very long time. After the stay at the hospital she was transferred to a rehabilitation centre, where she stayed for seven weeks.

-The head doctors predictions were not good. All in all four doctors stood by my bedside telling me that I had to be prepared for becoming permanenty confined to a wheelchair, Gerd says.

Did not give up

In spite of the doctors predictions, Gerd refused to accept her predicament. She excercised tenaciously, and eventually got up from the wheelchair. Shortly afterwards, she used a walker and eventually she was able to use crutches.

-I refused to give up, and I went around praying the whole time. At the same time it was as if I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice that said "Hang in there, Gerd". This gave me an inner strength, and eventually I was able to get by, only using crutches.

Intense heat

Even though Gjengaar was able to avoid ending up in a wheeelchair, she was still bothered by kneepain, and had to use her crutches often. The pain could grow to be intense, and it was difficult to both sit and get up. While staying at the hotel in the city of Kristiansand before the meeting, she felt great pain in her knee. Her husband drove her from the hotel door straight to the town of Vennesla, (which was a 20 minute drive from Kristiansand) to avoid too much strain. At the centre she was met by some friendly women in the reception area, and she quickly felt that this was a great place to be.

-When Pedersen prayed for me, he held his hand around my knee and I felt an intense heat. It was so hot that I almost burned myself. I had to ask him to remove his hand, and suddenly my knees were free of pain. I did not need to use the crutches anymore.

35 visitors

Gerd says that she sees people whos eyes widen when they see her not using her crutches. One day she met some friends at the store who were very surprised to see her without crutches.

-I told them what had happened, and they could hardly believe it. Some are sceptical when I tell them about the healing service. One evening I invited some friends home for them to hear more of what had happened. All in all 35 people showed up to hear my testimony and to read the magazine "Legedom" (healing) They were very excited, Gerd Gjengaar concludes.

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