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From Spain to Steinkjer, Norway to be healed

Erik and Torid Hugsten made the journey from Malaga in Spain to the small city of Steinkjer in Norway to receive prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen. Torid was healed from gastric catarrh, reflux and arthritis pain in her neck. Erik was healed of nerve damage to his knee that had bothered him for twelve years.

This Norwegian couple has lived eleven years in the city of Malaga in Spain due to health issues. In February they boarded an airplane and made the long trip to Steinkjer to go to the healing service.

-There is someone here who has gastric catarrh that God wants to touch. Who might that be? Svein-Magne asked the congregation while he was praying for the sick in Steinkjer town hall.

Torid Hugsten raised her hand since she had been ailing from the illness for years.

-As soon as he mentioned it, I started to sweat. After a few minutes I felt a burning sensation in my stomach and then all the pain went away, she tells.

No more medicines

The gastric catarrh caused constant acid refluxes. The adductor muscle was destroyed from this and she would get acid reflux as a result.

This sickness stops the adductor muscle from functioning and the food can come up after being swallowed.

-I always had to be careful not to bend forward after having eaten to prevent it from coming up again. I had to be careful of what I ate and drank, and I always had to have pills with me in my purse.

The strongest symptom of the reflux was the continual heartburn. Torid used pills on a regular basis for ten years to conquer the ailment.

-I used pills daily. After the meeting in Steinkjer, I put away the pills since the sickness is gone, she tells three weeks after the meeting.

-In the time that followed I challenged my faith by eating a lot of the food I could never have eaten before. Today I even ate Norwegian cream cake. Before my healing I had a bubbling sensation in my nose when I ate such foods, but now I have no reaction.

My neck was healed

When Torid came forward to receive prayer later on in the meeting, she was already healed from gastric catarrh and acid reflux, but needed prayer for arthritis that had bothered her for almost 20 years. Her neck had the worst symptoms when it came to the arthritis.

-I could not turn my head to look to the side without turning my whole body. The cartilage in my neck cracked if I just tried to move my head, she says.

When Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed, her whole body was burning. Afterwards she could move her neck more than she could earlier. Two days afterwards her neck was healed completely.

-The first three days after the meeting I had horrible pains in my body and face. Ever since then, my neck has beenin good shape and the arthritis pains have been greatly reduced, she says.

Nerve damage

Erik Hugsten came to the meeting with a very sensitive leg. After a great operation in 1997, nerve damage was done to his right leg that made his everyday life very painful.

-If someone touched my leg very lightly, it felt as if it was about to explode on the onside. I managed to walk, but I always had to be very careful. I never felt secure when walking, he says.

-When Svein-Magne Pedersen laid his hands on my leg, strangely enough it did not hurt. After that I did not get any more pains in my leg. I felt as secure in my walking as could be after the meeting when I was out walking, even though there was snow and ice on the ground. It hasnít felt like this for years, Erik tells.

The leg is getting healed.

The neck is getting healed. Torid Hugstens arthritic pains in the neck disappeared after receiving prayer from Svein-Magne Pedersen.

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