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Police officer healed while he was doing radar control

Police officer Harald Ruud received prayer for his crooked and painful back while he was doing radar control outside the offices of Svein-Magne Pedersen. He was instantly healed.

On Friday, February 19 of 2004, the police were doing radar control beside the highway outside of the offices of Svein-Magne Pedersen.

-The roads were very slippery that afternoon, tells police officer Harald Ruud. -I came a little bit late to do the radar control because of three accidents that had occurred on the road going to Hægeland where we were to be parked to do the radar control. Nobody was speeding that afternoon, since the roads were so slippery. As we sat there relaxing as the cars went by, I was reading the sign on the building right beside the place where we were parked. So this was where healing evangelist Svein-Magne Pedersen had his offices. I decided to go over and say hello to them, but before I got that far, Svein-Magne and his wife came out of the building and were about to close the office for the day. I asked if I could receive prayer and he said sure I could, but I would have to wait for 2 months, but then Svein-Magne changed his mind and I was able to come in and receive prayer while his wife was brushing snow off the car.

The back was healed

Harald Ruud had suffered from rheumatism for many years. Every joint in his body ached. It was a pain that was comparable to a toothache. He had also had a crack in his back, an injury brought on by compression. His chiropractor said that as a result of the injury, his pelvis was crooked and this caused one leg to be longer than the other. -This shows on my boots, where one boot barely has any pattern underneath and the other is almost free from wear and tear, he says.

In 1989 Ruud was in a work related accident that caused an injury to his left knee. The knee cap was fractured and this had loosened a ligament. -My knee would often lock and I never managed to train it again to be able to run. I had however gotten used to it, so my knee problem didn’t even cross my mind when I asked Svein-Magne for prayer. It was my back that bothered me. It was painful all the time and I had a problem bending down. I was almost unable to tie my shoelaces. It had been this way for a few months.

Police officer Ruud was now sitting in the healing chair in Svein-Magne’s office. -I noticed that there was a very good atmosphere when Svein-Magne prayed for me. I felt a welling and a warmth especially in my left knee. Earlier I was given morphine to subdue the pain and the feeling of warmth can very well be compared to that. The back problem disappeared then and there, my body was aligned and I was standing completely straight. My pelvis had been put into place and my legs were made the same length. When I came back to my car I sat there stretching to see how it felt, and it felt great! I couldn’t feel any of the pain then and my back has been in good health ever since.

A wonderful experience

At this point Harald was not thinking much about his left knee, but a week after getting prayer, he started feeling an enormous pain in his knee.

-Suddenly I started feeling more pain in my knee than I had ever felt before. It continued like this for the rest of the day, but then the pain left and since then my knee has been 100% pain free. It has been a wonderful experience. Ruud has never been back to the chiropractor after his back was healed.

-I had no need to go to the kiropractor again, but I have been back to Svein-Magne for other reasons, one being my son Kristian (then 10) who has been bothered by pollen allergy. He has taken medicines for it, but it didn’t help very much. Svein-Magne prayed for him and the next day lots of slime came out. He’s been well ever since. I believe Jesus healed both me and my son.

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