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He was just going to pick up someone

Paul Saur had no plans of attending Svein-Magne Pedersenís meeting in the city of Steinkjer on February 8, 2009, but was willing to be a chauffeur for three others. When he came to pick them up he was in for an unexpected surprise.

Text and photo by Tor-BjÝrn Nordgaard

The prayer line up was still long when Paul entered the city hall in Steinkjer around midnight, when he came in to check if the meeting was coming to a close so he could drive his passengers home again. He sat down in the congregation and watched as the evangelist was praying for the sick.

-Now we are taking a five minute break, Svein-Magne said. While people in the congregation were listening to a song from the podium, he went straight over and sat next to the newly arrived chauffeur who neither had a queue number or any intention of receiving prayer.

Hip problems

-Do you have problems with one of your feet? Svein-Magne asked.

Paul gave him an affirmative answer to his question. Five years ago he had surgery and had a prosthesis put in. The operation wound healed nicely, but on his left side an infection set in that weakened his muscles substantially. Following this, the otherwise well trained 81 year old, did not manage much physical strain, and he did not risk walking very far.

-When the muscles are weak, you quickly notice when things become too strenuous. So when one moves around too much you feel pain, Paul explains.

Strengthened muscles

Paulís hip ached when he was sitting in the hall, and Svein-Magne laid his hands on it.

-My hip felt warm and I the pain disappeared, Paul says.

While talking to someone from the magazine Legedom three weeks later, Paul tells his health is better now than it has been in a long time. His weak muscles were strengthened through prayer, and now he manages greater exertion than he has in many years.

-Now I have recently been outside on the roof and reapplied some shingles that had fallen off. I would never have been able to do this if Pedersen had not laid his hands on me, he smiles.

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