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Jesus Healed me from COLD (Chronic Obstructive Lung disease)

“Stop using the breathing apparatus. You are well!” the doctor told me. Both the portable and the stationary oxygen machines I have now stopped using, Kristine tells.
The diagnosis Kristine Kittelsen (65) had received was crushing! The sickness was COLD, a disease that would soon end her life, but she was miraculously healed after Svein-Magne prayed for her.

By Lisbeth Hoskuldsen
Photo by Sigmund Krøvel-Velle

COLD is an irreversible disease. A person diagnosed with this disease knows that there is no help or cure for it. Kristine Kittelsen experienced that there is someone who helps even when things look hopeless. And that is Jesus. Kristine was healed the very day after Svein-Magne had prayed for her in the church where he was preaching that day in October of last year. Now she breathes normally. Her story started 7 ½ years ago. At the time Kristine was visiting a friend who lived in a different town. They were out walking when she suddenly passed out and fell. Her friend called the ambulance and she was rushed off to the hospital.

“They thought I was dead, because my pulse was so low, but then I awoke again being short-winded. They took X-ray pictures of my lungs and they discovered something on my lungs. They thought that I had a strong case of asthma and I was given a spray and sent home. Eventually I contacted my family doctor who thought I was winded because of what he believed was asthma. I explained not being able to walk up the stairs and also falling into bed because of exhaustion the moment I got home. He booked an appointment for an examination at the hospital in the city of Drammen.”

Diagnosed with COLD

“The doctor at the hospital tried taking an examination of the lung tissue, but he didn’t go through with it, since he was afraid of puncturing the lung. Kristine was sent to another hospital where the doctors tried the same procedure, but they wouldn’t do the examination either out of fear of puncturing the lung. They were however able to diagnose the problem. I had COLD and lung fibrosis, which means an infection of the lungs. I was pretty much relieved, because I feared cancer, but the doctors told me that COLD was just as bad as cancer, so there was no consolation in that.”

Kristine was now sent to the general hospital in Oslo for further examinations. Here she was given 40 mg cortisone pills and medication for her breathing, and she was on oxygen day and night. Twice she was hospitalized to no avail.

“I was so ill that I was not able to take care of myself. I was bedridden and needed help with everything. I thought that this was the end.

Saved and healed

Kristine phoned Svein-Magne a few times and felt a little bit better afterwards. “I was still unbelievably ill when my son drove me to the church where Svein-Magne was preaching at the time. When Svein-Magne laid his hand on me and prayed, I felt nothing, but when I came home to my son later that evening, I felt very weak and awful! I went to bed very worn out.

When Kristine woke up in the morning, something had happened that she couldn’t explain.

“When I awoke the next day, I was completely healed. My friend drove me home to the town I lived and I went right at it with dusting the house. The COLD was gone. Not long after I was back to see the specialist at the hospital who was surprised and confirmed that I was well. “You are healed” He repeated three times. The new pictures showed that the lungs that had been totally clogged with something that looked like white spots now were completely open and had only tiny white dots. “We thought you would die, but we didn’t want to tell you” the doctor told her.

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