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55 years of pain are gone

Marie Gerhardsen (87) has had asthma for the greater part of her life. At a meeting in the city of Sandnes she was prayed for by Svein-Magne Pedersen. The sickness left her! I can walk, I can breathe, there is nothing that I cannot do. I have a new life, she says with laughter and joy.

By Marta Moan Kristiansen
Photo by Johan Hovda

Marie Gerhardsen grew up in Helgelandskysten on the island of Lånan. As a young girl she developed asthma. It had taken many years before there was an organization for asthmatics and allergens. Medicines for the sickness were very hard to come by. At times her father had to carry her outside the house to get air. Sometimes the ailments were so severe that she thought that her last minute had come. She was very fortunate to have a grandmother who taught her to trust in God and give everything to Him. Thus she was hopeful that one day she would be healed even though the asthma was moving in the other direction.  


In her twenties medicines for asthma first came out on the market. She started by taking Ventoline several times a day in addition to pills. Marie had coughs often and her lungs were clogged.  

-It was awful to live with asthma, she tells.

Even when she was at her best, she could not walk more than two to three steps walking uphill before she had to stop. The doctors detected very little hope in her getting well. Eventually she moved to the south of Norway to the town of Hommersåk, which lies 10 kilometers outside of the city of Sandnes. The Pentecostal church in Sandnes had invited Svein-Magne Pedersen to have meetings at their church. This was in March 2003. The news of Pedersen’s meetings created a longing in Marie to go there.  

Used her elbows  

-It is unashamed to push to get ahead in a line-up, but I literally used my elbows to press forward, Marie tells laughing and embarrassed over her behaviour! She felt desperate to receive the healing that she had longed for for so many decades! Svein-Magne laid his hand on her and prayed. –I didn’t experience anything in particular then and there, so I went home and forgot about the sickness until I noticed that I could breathe so easily!  

Forgot to take medicines  

Not until after a few days Marie first noticed that she had not taken any medicines for a while. Then she noticed that something was different! I just got better and better!  

Ever since the meeting in Sandnes Marie has lived a life free from asthma medications. Her doctor had affirmed that her breathing was great. –I am well, I am healed! I have been given a new life! I can walk, I can breathe, there is nothing I cannot do, she says high in spirits.  

She is very grateful and happy for what has happened. 55 years of suffering are over. –When I tell others about the healing, it is to give God the glory and to encourage Svein-Magne in his work, the happy pensioner emphasizes.  

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