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I am the happiest person on earth

Disposed of the crutches: After the television program «Holmgang» with Oddvar Stenstrøm the 5. October last year, Jorun Margrethe Iversen could throw away the crutches.
A few years ago Jorun (58) who was receiving disability benifits wanted to end her life. Her back and knee pains made her existance a nightmare. Today this lady from the province of Hedmark in Norway is crying tears of joy over everything she is now able to do.

Jorun Margrethe Iversen from the town of Brøttum which lies south of the city of Lillehammer was an active goal keeper on different handball teams in her region up until 1980 when she got some serious back problems. It was most likely the sports that inflicted the damage to the three lower discs in her back.

Eventually it was impossible for her to work in an office. She took more schooling to adapt to a new work situation. In 1995 she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The years that followed were filled with chronic pain. Jorun spent a lot of money on every type of treatment to no avail.


At the age of 41 Jorun was receiving disability benefits. She was the mother of three and her youngest child was five years old. She used to be sporty and now she had become a spectator to most things in life. The worst part of it was that she couldn't participate in the childrens everyday life like she wanted to.

She couldn't lay on the floor and play with her son or lift her baby out of the play pen or crib. For a caring and involved mother it was torture to constantly be sitting on the «sidelines». Family and friends had to take care of her daily tasks.

-Every time someone dropped by, I asked for help to empty the dishwasher or scrub the floors. I felt like I was taking advantage of everyone. I longed to not have people work when they were at my house, but just be able to sit down with my guests and only enjoy ourselves, she explains.

Nuts and screws

In 1995 Jorun out of desperation chose to have an operation to cope with the pain. The bottom vertebrae in her back was supported by nuts, screws and plates.

-I ended up looking like a good old fashioned workshop, she says and laughs heartily. The surgeon at the hospital in Lillehammer told it like it was: «You will never be able to bend down». These word were burned into my soul.

Everyday life certainly did not get better after the operation. A nerve was pinched and she got problems with her left leg. The amounts of pain killers she took, caused breathing difficulties. Her liver tests were alarming.

-I slept restlessly at night. I would be awakened by tingling in my knee and had to ask to have it massaged. She purchased a Tempur mattress and a pillow for her knee which made her sleep somewhat better. As time went by, Jorun started having regrets about having the operation. She was now dependent on two crutches and a disability car.

Gave up

When Jorun had turned 50, she got some home care that relieved her of her house work every 14 days. Her fysical and mental health was only going one way - downhill. Her wish to end her life was constantly getting stronger.

-The pain was unbearable and I wanted to be relieved from the pain.

At the same time as she wanted an end to the pain, she wanted to prevent her loved ones from being left with guilt. She therefore began to prepare her family that they could be left alone, but that it wasn't their fault that she gave up; it was the pain and helplessness that made life unlivable.

Party at Brøttum

Joruns daughter Carina (22) was visiting her the same evening as «Holmgang» and Svein-Magnes prayer was broadcasted throughout Norway 5 October 2005. The women were talking while the television was on, and they happened to see that something with a preacher was coming up. Both of them had left the state church and were fed up with priests and anything of that sort.

Regardless, something had gotten Jorun to round off the discussion and pay attention to what was going on in the TV program.

-But to walk over to the TV set and lay my hand on it was of no interest.

While Svein-Magne prayed and people in thousands of homes dashed to the television set, Jorun suddenly felt a warmth spread from her neck and down. Her body loosened up like never before and she began to rock back and forth where she sat on the sofa.

-Mom, are you healed? Carina wondered, watching her mother trying different movements that she had avoided doing earlier.

Jumping up and down

Jorun felt no pain no matter what she did. For the first time she was able to get up off the couch without supporting herself to the table. She laid down on the floor and lifted her legs above her head.

-»What is this?» her daughter wondered. She thought her mother was exaggerating. It is Svein-Magne who is about to heal me, Jorun explained beaming with joy. She started to bounce around. She managed to lift things off the floor. Jorun remembered the words the surgeon at Lillehammer hospital had said. Now she could bend down and put both the palms of her hands on the floor. Both mother and daughter laughed and cried a lot that evening.

Enjoys washing the floor

After the TV program «Holmgang» Jorun has no need for the crutches anymore. They had been a constant companion for her the last 10 years and are now stored in the barn, and she hopes that they stay there.

-Yes, if only this miracle lasts, she exclaims, overjoyed and quivering a little bit. She constantly runs into help aids she formerly depended on. Now they will be returned to the help aid control.

-This has been an incredible experience! A tremedous miracle has taken place.

She enjoys washing the floor, something she had not been able to do for 18 years. She likes to see the house get clean and tidy and often listens to Johnny Cash and does a jig while cleaning. She looks forward to using the dish washer and doesn't need to plan who to assign to help with different tasks. Her grandchildren have a grandmother who is actively involved in their lives.

A supportive doctor

Jorun's doctor throughout many years has been a great support through thick and thin. He was very happy when she told him about the amazing results of watching the TV program.

-He is happy with the progress, respects what I am telling him and everything that is good for my health is always a positive. Medical tests show the changes in her body. The liver tests are terrific now. I can very well sign up for a race, Jorun laughs.

Jorun goes to Spain

Jorun has had a cold relationship to the state church ever since she resigned from it in 1972, but God and Jesus she has never distanced herself from.

A few months of the year she lives in Torrevieja in Spain. Around new years she discovered that Svein-Magne Pedersen was coming to the country to have meetings. This was four months after the TV program.

-Of course I was going to go to Albir. The intention was to meet Svein-Magne and thank him. This man should get a «thank you» when he was generous enough to heal me with Gods power even though I didn't believe in him or bothered to get up and walk over to the TV set!

The meeting was quite an experience, and when the evangelist invited people to receive salvation, Jorun was quick to respond. Jorun experienced a relief when she made that choice.

-It was wonderful to get saved. I got such a peace inside.

Sun outside and inside

Jorun also received prayer for her knees in which she had an operation in 2005. During the prayer she felt a vibrating warmth go through her knees and they were healed. Now she could go back to Norway with «new» knees and sunshine in her body and soul. The fact that she is wanting to share her story in «Legedom» is because it is the right thing to do.

-I thank Jesus every day for everything I can do, she says with gratitude.

She still sheds tears of joy over the things she manages to do now, that was impossible to do before.

-There are no words. I have received Jesus as my Lord. I have a new life.

Her family thinks it's peculiar to have a newly saved mother. She was the one who took them out of the Christianity classes at school. Now she is a devoted Christian. They laugh a little bit at her. Her father who is a Christian himself, is overjoyed over what has taken place. He has given her a silver cross as a gift. She gladly shows it to people.

Back at work

After weeks and months have gone by, Jorun has been able to experience that the healing is there to stay. This has given her an energy boost. To her own amazement, she has begun painting and renovating her house, room by room. When we meet her at her house, she warns us about wet paint. She has paint on her nose and looks satisfies around. She barely has time to be photographed, since she is going to her new place of work in Lillehammer. This week she is working thirty hours!

Jorun Iversen wants so much to thank the evangelist who channeled the healing into her life.

-I am so unbelievably grateful. I am the happiest person in the world!

On the go: After being away from the workforce for 20 years, Jorun is cherishing her job within computers and market investigations.

She shouldn't be able to do this: "You will never again be able to bend your back," said the Lillehammer doctor to Jorun. That's where he was wrong.

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