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Gerds ankle was healed

After having been healed Gerd can put away her insoles.
Gerd Håland had for many years suffered from a sore ankle. On April 16 last year she came to a healing meeting in the Pentecostal church in Sandnes, Norway, where Svein-Magne was praying for sick people. She was hoping for a miracle.

Text and photo by Johan Hovda

In February examinations made by the orthopedic services showed that Gerd Håland (38) had a crooked ankle. As a result of the examination, she was given insoles to compensate for this weakness.

A tragic accident

Ten years ago Gerd was in a tragic accident. She was going for a walk with her daughter.

It had snowed on top of the ice, she tells. –As I was walking down a hill I started to slide, and slid for a long time before I hit a hard edge in the snow and twisted my ankle. The result was a nasty fracture.

At the hospital in the city of Mo i Rana Gerd had screws put into her ankles to compensate for the injury.

- Unfortunately the operation did not turn out very well, she tells, and I had to live with the result.

Gerd was walking with crutches and had a cast on her foot for several months.

-After two years my foot was good enough to walk on to some extent, she says. –My foot was functioning reasonably well up until the autumn 2004, when I again had problems with my ankle. When I was standing still, my foot started to give out. The joints were locked on the right side of the foot.

-I went to a chiropractor to have the stiff joints loosened, she tells. But the results were not good. After a week I felt a paralysis in my right foot, and I was bedridden for a month and a half. I thought a lot about my situation during that time.

Regular walks

-I had come to the understanding that getting treatment at the chiropractor was not going to help, Gerd says. –My ankle was weak and could not handle a lot of weight. The solution was training up the muscles. After Christmas I started going for walks on a regular basis. I started by walking back and forth in the living room, but kept increasing the distance until I could manage one hour. But I got tired, and felt pain in my knees and feet afterwards.

Gerd became more and more frustrated over the situation.

-The doctors recommended that I look up the orthopedic services in the city of Stavanger. This led to her using custom made insoles. She had a different one for each foot.


Gerd believes that prayer can solve impossible situations and has witnessed that in her life and in the lives of others.

-When Svein-Magne prayed for me, I felt a prickling in my foot, and it was as if my ankle straightened out. I also received prayer for my knees as well. It was as if my foot got stronger after the prayer.


The next day when Gerd was going on her regular walk, she felt discomfort.

-Once I removed my insoles, it was comfortable to walk, she says. –When I go for long walks, I don’t feel any pain in my knees like I did before. God has healed me!

Being a social worker, Gerd has been a great help and encouragement to many. Now she herself has received encouragement from God who strengthened and healed her weak ankle.

After Svein-Magne prayed for Gerd, she noticed that her right ankle was healed.

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