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Healed by Watching TV!

My Turn: «Now It's my turn», Else Ekeberg (74) was thinking. And so it became!
The TV program «Holmgang» on October 5 gave Else Ekeberg a chance to win a prize that can not be won in the lottery: she was healed of wear and tear in the hip! Right through the three year old silver gray Grundig TV set came Gods healing power. It was Svein-Magne Pedersen's 30 second long prayer that chased the pains away. Two years of various pains was over!

Text and photo by Marta Moan Kristiansen

Else's family doctor throughout many years had come to the conclusion that she had arthritis from wear and tear. The pain in her right hip was there to stay. The only solution seemed to be an operation. This was something she dreaded.

«I was unable to walk too far because of the pains in my hip. Walking the stairs was not something I looked forward to. I found it bothersome to sleep on my right side. When the weather was bad, my hip got worse too.»

As of today the weather is bad, but that doesn't bother this 74-year old!

«I couldn't lift my right foot off the floor and onto the footrest when I sat in the walking chair. I had to grab hold of my leg with both hands and lift it.

Now Else can lift her foot up without any complications or pains!

Good news and bad news

Else and her husband Kåre like to watch TV, but watching the news was awful! With this she is refering to all the catastrophies that have been aired on TV in the last few months. She was therefore glad when she heard that Svein-Magne was going to be in one of the TV programs that evening. The couple had never been to any of his meetings, they had only seen him on TV.

«It has always been interesting to watch these programs on TV2. We have seen all the previous shows with him and were happy that so many had been healed.

This evening in the fall the couple tried to receive healing for themselves. Else had always believed in healing through prayer. She had been active as a chairperson in a mission group for 26 years.

Now it's my turn! «When Svein-Magne started to pray, I got out of my chair and walked over to the TV screen. My husband Kåre did the same. «Now it's my turn! Now I'm taking the chance!» I thought.» She laid one hand on her painful hip and one hand on the TV screen when Pedersen invited people to do so. Kåre did the same. He had had the lung ailment COLD (chronic obstructive lung disease) for three years.

«My hand was vibrating from the power that came out of the TV! I said to Kåre «Now I have become well!» Then I began to move my hip and foot.» Kåre looks lovingly at his wife while she tells about this with enthusiasm. He is very happy about her progress. Both of them are hoping that it will be his turn next time.

Happy doctor

The family doctor Else had gone to for many years was fascinated when she told about what had happened. He had also seen the TV program. He examined the mobility in her leg and hip.

«You are flexible. Don't worry about any operation, but phone Pedersen and tell him about what has happened to you!»

The magazine «Legedom» («Healing») has contacted her family doctor several times, but he would rather not be interviewed. Neighbours, relatives and friends on the other hand are willing to acknowledge the change that has taken place. The happy pensioner has had many people congratulate her after her healing.

«Everyone is delighting with me and they think that it's great!»

Free consultation

Else didn't have to pay anything for the shortest and most successful consultation she has ever had, but she still has to pay for her TV licence with NRK (the main Norwegian TV channel), along with everyone else. But, it was through a program on TV2 (Norwegian TV channel) and Svein-Magne's powerful prayer that the wear and tear in her hip stopped and the operation was cancelled. Now the bad weather outside can have it's way.

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