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52 years with pain and suffering
Free From Pain

Healed: Now I can do my housework without feeling pain, says a satisfied Gerd Sjursen.
At the age of six Gerd Sjursen (58) was in a tragic car accident. Since then she had to live with pain and suffering. She was healed at the meeting at the Pentecostal church in the city of Sandnes April 16 this year. Evangelist Svein-Magne Pedersen was preaching and praying for the sick at the meeting. Since then she has been well.

Gerd is smiling as brightly as the sun at her apartment in Sandnes.

«I am as good as new, she says. Two days after getting healed I cleaned and tidied my entire apartment. Afterwards I ironed the curtains and sewed new ribbons for them. I was busy the whole day, something that I never managed to do before.

Hit by a car

Gerd remembers that fateful day 52 years ago as if it were yesterday. She was going to play with her friend who lived across the street. When she crossed the road, she didn't see the car that was coming, so she ran right into the side of the car. She was thrown roughly down onto the pavement and landed on the back of her head. The collision was so forceful that there was a dent in the side of the car. The driver wanted to drive her to the hospital, but she was very little and would rather go to her mother. She had a concussion and understood very little of what had happened. Back in those days, going to the hospital was not something people normally did, so she ended up staying at home.

Difficulties going to school

Throughout her years of growing up, this accident had fateful consequenses.

«It was like walking around with a brick in my head and neck.» She had problems concentrating and was constantly suffering from pains in her head and neck. Nausea was something that also bothered her. This caused problems for her at school where she was nearly considered stupid.

«It was a difficult time in my life, but I got through it, Gerd tells in retrospect.


Throughout her adult years she always seeked help. Today she is disapointed in the doctors who could have done more to help her.

«They did not make a proper effort in trying to find out what the injury consisted of and how it could be treated» she says.

At about the age of twenty Gerd started going to physiotherapy. In the course of thirty years Gerd has taken physiotherapy sessions and gotten treatments. «I have had five different physiotherapists, but it has not helped me in the long run», Gerd tells as she thinks back. The exact day I went for treatment, it helped, but the very next day, the pains were back the way they were before. They say that pain will drive pain away, but I can't see how one can get better from being massaged in an area that is already destroyed»

Nothing seemed to help

Gerd has also tried going to chiropractors. She thinks that chiropractors give a very rough treatment.

«That which is destroyed you cannot put back together again,» she says. «Four years ago I gave up getting treatments from physiotherapists and chiropractors.»

From 1982 to 1985 she tried zone therapy. «It helped for a certain amount of time, but not in the long run,» Gerd says. «A few times I went to get acupuncture, but when they wanted to stick needles into the nerve center in my head, I said «Stop!» Nobody touches that. It was a full-stop for all treatments.

No more pain killers

To compensate for enduring pain, pain killers were prescribed. She was on pain killers for some time, until she came across a magazine that dealt with the side effects of pain killers.

«I decided to completely stop taking them and live with the pain instead, she says. When I read about all the side effects, I totally quit taking them altogether.

Gerd also took anti-depressants, but slowly cut back on taking them as well.

«I have had trouble with my nerves, because of my sickness, but that's not where the real problem lies», she says.

Loss of income

Gerd has worked many years in cafès and culinary departements, but has been on sick leave for longer periods of time.

«Pain has been a constant suffering for me», she says. It caused me to not function as well as I wanted to when working. The result was loss of income.

Neck injury

According to the evaluations made by the doctors who examined Gerd, the possibility of an operation being successful was 50/50, so no operation was booked. Later on her family doctor suggested that she have an examination and have a cat scan done at a private institute in the city of Stavanger. The examination was done in the summer of 2004. After this operation the doctor could prove that the bonemarrow was fine, but the catscan picture showed a calcium build-up in both the third and fourth disc in her neck. There was little that could be done and Gerd had to learn to live with it.

The healing took place

Gerd had for a long time been looking forward to the healing meeting with Svein-Magne Pedersen. «I have always believed in Gods power and healing and I had faith that something would happen at that meeting,» says Gerd.

«I told Svein-Magne that I had been hit by a car as a six year old and I asked for prayer for the injuries from the accident, she says. When he laid his hands on me, I felt a warmth spread throughout my whole body. Suddenly my whole body felt relaxed. The tension disappeared. I felt as if I have never had any injury to my neck. It became like new,» Gerd says with enthusiasm. She also asked for prayer for constant pressure in her head that had earlier caused a flickering across her eyes. «When he laid his hands on my head, the pressure disappeared instantly», says Gerd.

A big cleaning job

After the healing took place, Gerd started started a big clean up job in her apartment. Vacuuming was her husband's job, but today it was her job, as well as washing the floors and fixing the curtains. She worked the whole day. Her husband Tom is happy because of the change that has taken place.

«She doesn't complain anymore about the pain and now we can stay up late in the evening and talk. Gerd has a new energy and is more active», he says.

Two months later Gerd tells about her condition being just as good as it was when the healing took place. She has no more headaches and the flickering in front of her eyes is gone.

«When I tell friends and aquaintances about what has happened, it's almost as if they don't believe it, but I know exactly what happened and that this is a reality.

A miracle: Finally 52 years of suffering are over. This is a reality, says Gerd Sjursen.

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