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Healed for Weaksightedness

Ever since Svein-Magne prayed for her over the telephone, Siw Nina´s vision has been good.
Siw-Nina Sjursen (22) From the city of Sandnes in Norway has struggled with a poor vision her whole life. This is a condition she was born with, and it made her school and work life very difficult for her. Four years ago her her mother Gerd Sjursen, phoned Svein-Magne who prayed for Siw-Nina's eye condition. Ever since Siw-Nina's vision has been good.

Text and photo by Johan Hovda

On April 15 Siw-Nina's ophthalmologist wrote a certificate verifying that Siw-Ninas sight was stable and good enough that she could have a job that requires a doctors certificate. She can also apply to get her drivers license.

Poor and unstable Vision

Siw-Nina's mother tells about the first time she took her to see an ophthalmologist when she was six months old. Ever since there had been regular check-ups two to three times a year.

Siw-Nina had a congenital eye condition that consisted of lack of pigment. This made her sensitive to light. She also had an involuntary eye movement that effected her vision. Her binocular vision lacked depth vision. She had a lazy eye that drew inwards to the corner of her eye and it had an irregular curvature to the cornea.

Difficult Schooling

Siw-Nina had difficulties at school. Doing her homework was a real strain/burden. She had to tilt her head to the side and hold the book up right in front of her eyes to read letters and numbers.

She had a hard time keeping up in her schoolwork. Reading books and comic books was something she rarely did in her childhood years. She had more than enough with her homework.

Her poor vision caused stiffness to her neck, she was tense and got headaches. Siw-Nina was easily tired and worn out.

A better study situation

In 1996 she started seeing a new eye doctor. He gave her plenty of good and practical advice to better her everyday life. Siw-Nina was also given books on tape from the Association for the blind.

After junior high, Siw-Nina started secondary school where her field was a study of a caring nature. There was a substantial change in her schooling when she got a computer. This made reading and writing much easier for her.

At the secondary school she went to she was in a class designed to meet the needs of people with reading and writing difficulties. The curriculum had a span of three years, which was a combination of theory and practice. Siw-Nina was put into practice in a nursery school. This included looking after the children, changing diapers, reading to the children and on certain days have the responsibility for meals. Siw-Nina enjoyed working in the nursery school, but because of her weak sight she didn't get to continue in that after the three years were over.

Prayer over the telephone

Siw-Nina's mother phoned Svein-Magne in the spring of 2001.

«I phoned to receive prayer for my daughters weak sight and Svein-Magne prayed for her,» she tells. «Ever since that day her eye sight has improved more and more.»

Shortly after receiving prayer, Siw-Nina noticed that she stopped having headaches and she slept well at night. Now she could read without getting tired. The glasses she had had since she was four years old she didn't use while reading.

Member of a book club

«Today four years after receiving prayer, my vision is much better. I am nearsighted and I need glasses when I am outside, but at home I can go all day without wearing glasses. Now I can read without glasses and I don't get tired from it», she says.

Siw-Nina is now a member of a book club that sends her four books a month.

«I read every book right to the very end, because I just have to read the whole story, she says.

She is very thankful that her sight has been healed. With a doctors certificate in her hand she is considering applying for a position in a nursery school and getting her drivers licence. Her father Tom who has his own taxi service is more than willing to give her driving lessons.

New Healing

Siw-Nina also received prayer for convulsions and spasms in her legs in the meeting in Sandnes April 16 this year.

«When I walked, I noticed my foot dangling,» she tells My right leg was longer than my left leg and one time I wore striped stockings it was very obvious. I have had pains in my lumbar region as a result of my leg condition. I was bothered by spasms in my foot, especially after taking long walks or when I had overexerted myself at work. At night the cramps could suddenly come, especially in my right foot. Sometimes I clenched my teeth together because of the intense pain».

Siw-Nina told Svein-Magne about having one leg that was longer than the other, as well as the spasms. He then prayed for her. Later that evening she discovered that she was healed.

«When I got out of the car, I noticed that something had happened with my right leg. I walked normally and I noticed that my left foot was stronger. The spasms are also gone now. I have worked full time this week at my job, and I don't get spasms like I used to. The pain in my back is gone», she says.

«Now I thoroughly enjoy life, and I make full use of the things it has to offer», Siw-Nina says.

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