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Cissilie Experienced Gods Power

Cissilie has a big smile on her face after getting saved and healed at the healing seminar in Svolvær - Since that day I haven´t had any neck pains.
For four years Cissilie Skogly (32) from the town of Leknes has been bothered by pain in her neck, shoulders and in the muscles of her arms. The doctors assumed that it could be fibromyalgia. The pains had prevented her from working as much as she wanted to.

Cissilie has a big smile on her face after getting saved and healed at the healing seminar at the Nordfjord Norlandia Hotel in the town of Svolvær on Saturday 29 April. Now she can start over with a «clean slate».

Four years ago Cissilie started to feel neck pains. The doctors thought that it could be a calcium build-up.

-I felt a tightness in my neck, she says. My arms would weaken, especially my right arm. At times it was numb.

15 hour shifts

At around the same timeframe Cissilie got a job on a ship where she worked in the kitchen washing dishes. She enjoyed her job on the ship, but she was not able to work as much as she wanted to.

-The work could be very strenous with shifts up to 15 hours, but because of my stiff neck, sore shoulders and weakness in my arms, I have been on sick leave at times, she says.

-My family doctor believed that it was fibromyalgia, says Cissilie.

During the winter of 2005-2006 she had been treated 15 times at the physiotherapist. She had been treated with a needle in her shoulder without it helping her anything in particular.

The miracle seminar

Both Cissilies mother and her godmother were going to the healing seminar by Svein-Magne and invited Cissilie to come along.

-I thought the teaching was both exciting and interesting, she says.

In the lectures Svein-Magne put a lot of emphasis on God's compassion on people. The most important of all was to get saved and get peace with God. That evening both Cissilie and her mother were saved, something they have not regretted since.

Cissilie had anticipation to the prayer. She was one of the very last ones in the prayer line-up. When it was her turn, Svein-Magne put his hands on her neck and shoulders.

-I felt a warmth in both my face and shoulders. The warmth went down into my shoulders. It was an incredible feeling and I felt free.

Immediately Cissilie turned her head from side to side to check if she was healed. Everything felt fine.

-The day after the healing I had an interesting experience, Cissilie tells. -I put the prayer cloth I was given on the back of my neck and again I felt warmth. After a while, the warmth disappeared and I haven't felt it since.

In the days to come, Cissilie noticed that she was healed, but didn't know know for sure until she was able to test it out by working a shift on the ship.

Long working days

On May 22, she started working 26 days in a row. Her shifts were long and lasted up to 15 hours. The days passed, but Cissilie could not feel any hint of the pain she used to have. I have been all well and I have not felt any pain in my neck at all, she says enthusiastically.

-Earlier I didn't dare go onboard the ship because of the pains, but now things are going so well that I don't want to quit, she says happily.

I thank God every day for the miracle, says Cissilie. She is happy that the pain is gone.

All in all approximately 20 people were saved at the seminar in Svolvær.

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