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Harald heard grasshopper sounds for ten years:
The tinnitus disappeared at Miracle Saturday!

HEALED: Harald Reinhardsen (76) from Flekkerøy had for ten years suffered with tinnitus. It sounded like grasshoppers that chirped day and night. In 2014 he was healed at Miracle Saturday in Vennesla.
Harald Reinhardsen (78) from Flekkerøy had been bothered by tinnitus for many years, and everydaylife was therefore strenous and tiresome. In 2014, he visited Miracle Saturday in Vennesla and received prayer. Since then the grasshopper sound in the ears has been silent.

In 1953, construction contractor Harald Reinhardsen from Flekkerøya began working in carpentry. As of today he has been 63 years in building trades, and he still uses the hammer if needed. Harald has really enjoyed life as a contractor, but the work has also had its consequences.

-We used a lot of machines, and at the beginning of our careers we never used hearing protection. The nail gun in particular yielded a lot of loud sounds throughout the working day. Eventually I got tinnitus, says Harald.

The tinnitus came gradually, and he had it for at least ten years. It was very uncomfortable and it was persistent.

-It never stopped. The tinnitus was like the sound of many grasshoppers chirping in my ears. It was very tiring to walk around like that. Especially when I sat down and it was supposed to be somewhat quiet, there was a chirping sound in my ears. It also happened that I did not sleep because of these grasshoppers.

Good hearing

Harald had great faith in healing and had even experienced healing earlier in life. A few years ago, a relative of his prayed for his knee and the ailments disappeared. Consequently he avoided surgery.

Harald had become familiar with Svein-Magne Pedersen's ministry over the years, among other things through television. Harald therefore called to the office of the ministry, Jesus Leger, and made an appointment for prayer at a so-called Miracle Thursday.

Harald then came to the center in Vennesla once in 2014. He told Svein-Magne Pedersen what the problem was and the evangelist then put his fingers into Haralds ears and prayed.

Do you notice anything? Pedersen asked while praying.

"It sounds like a boat engine in my ears," Harald replied.

-Is it a 2 stroke boat engine? Pedersen jokingly asked.

When Harald went out of the prayer room, he was better, but not quite good. He therefore decided to visit Miracle Saturday a few weeks later in 2014. It was a long queue and prayer lasted a long while. Finally at three o’clock in the night it was Harald's turn.

-When Pedersen had prayed for me, I did not notice anything in particular, but when I came home, I realized that the hearing had become good. It has been fantastic not to have to hear these terrible grasshopper sounds. Now it has been over two years since I was healed. I never think anymore about the tinnitus, because now I do not hear it anymore.

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