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Enok had cancer in the bones:
-Now I'm cancer free!

CANCER FREE: autumn 2013 Enok Holta from Tau came to the Miracle Saturday meeting with cancer of the bones. His future was very uncertain. Enok could hardly walk and was dependent on both a wheelchair, walker or crutches. After receiving prayer his form only improved, and now he is miraculously cancer free.
In October 2013 Enok Holta (68) from Tau came to the Miracle Saturday meeting with bone cancer sitting in a wheelchair. Doctors said that he had to live with the cancer for the rest of his life, and no one knew how long he had left to live. Now he is free of cancer and is fully active.

Enok Holta has always been a very active outdoor enthusiast. Long hikes, berry picking, fishing, as well as overnight stays in lodges, accompanied by his backpack have been a big part of Enok's life. The family cabin is situated in Røldal, in Odda municipality, in a place with a spectacular view, that most people would envy. Here the couple spend a great deal of the time along with the rest of the family.

In 2010, Enok shared his testimony in the magazine «Healing» (nr. 5-2010) about how he was healed of a sore back after a work related accident in 1968, where his cousin lost his life. It led to a lot of discomfort both physically and mentally, and finally he received disability benefits. After suffering for 38 years with the pain, he called Svein-Magne Pedersen in 2006 and was instantly healed. In the time that followed, his back and overall shape was good, until April, 2013 when some unfathomable pains started to manifest.

-I got severe pain in the right hip and foot, and I thought it was sciatica. I took a lot painkillers, but it was of little help. After two months I had lost nearly twelve kilos, he said. In June Enok had improved and made several trips with the family. He knew that his health was not the best that it could be, but he did not care very much. Enok called Svein Magne Pedersen occasionally, and was in good spirits.

In August Enok and his wife were at a family gathering. Now the aches started to return, and it was a painful evening. When Enok came home and started getting out of the car, his leg gave way beneath him. He had no strength to stand up straight, and needed help getting into the house. The next few days were very painful with sleepless nights and a lot of painkillers. When he moved, he had to crawl out of the bed, and across the floor. Enok was stubborn and would not go to see a doctor, but eventually he had to face the truth, and become aware of the fact that it was the only way out of this pain overload.

-You have cancer

On August 20, Enok went to see the doctor. His wife and a friend of his had to carry him out to the car, and then drive him to Odda. He was quickly admitted to the hospital. The doctor was not very pleased, and thought that Enok should have come earlier with such body pain.

A CT of his spine was taken the following day. The doctor thought it was a slipped disc, and gave him morphine. Enok was sent by ambulance to a surgeon in Haugesund, to have an MRI.

His wife Bjørg drove behind the ambulance.

-I was scared and thoughts raced through my mind. I had a hunch about what it could be, Bjørg says seriously. Unfortunately, the ugly truth surfaced. The day after the doctor wanted to talk with them alone. Bjørg then realized what it was about. The doctor finally said the three dreaded words: - You have cancer!

-It was quite a message to get, and I was a bit shocked, but it was probably worst for my wife, says Enoch. Bjørg tells what she felt:

-No words can describe the fear I felt then. I felt like my life was shattered. Everything was dark. When we traveled by ambulance helicopter with Enok , I felt completely empty.

What should we do now? Our daughters quickly came to Haugesund, because I was in shock. Together they went to Haukeland Hospital in Bergen.

At the hospital the doctor had taken measurements including Enok's PSA. It was totalling 481, and some of the highest that they had measured.

-You have aggressive cancer. There is a tumor in your back that is derived from the prostate, was the physician's word.

On August 23, Enok had an operation. In the days that followed Bjørg called Svein-Magne several times. Enok was also in a better mood:

-It was awful knowing that I had cancer, but I felt an inner voice saying: "You will get well!" Then I started getting a new faith, and it helped me get my spirits up.

Cancer of bones

The operation was successful which was a delight to the family, but the joy was short-lived. A new tumor was discovered and a new operation conducted. Fortunately that operation also turned out well, but it had its consequences. Enok had lost the sensation in his left foot, and he could not move his toes. The doctor figured that he was not going to get the feeling back again. My wife called Svein-Magne Pedersen again and received prayer. The following day Enok got the feeling in his foot back.

-I would never have imagined this. Fortunately I was wrong, the doctor said surprised and stared open-mouthed at Enok's foot.He thought nevertheless it could easily take two years before Enok would get better, and it was far from certain that he would be able to walk again.

On Friday, September 6 Enok went home to Tau in a wheelchair. Everyday life was challenging for Enok, and he needed help with everything. A walker and a handicap toilet were obtained to make things easier. He got a first floor bedroom to avoid stairs.

-The only thing he managed to do by himself was to eat, says Bjørg. In the time that followed Enok had to have ten radiation treatments, but he did not have chemotherapy. When he was finished with the radiation, he got a new dismal message. Enok had cancer several places in the skeleton, including the shoulders, ribs, hips and back of the skull.

-There is nothing we can do, so we do not know the duration of this, the doctor said.

-It was a terrible message to get, but every day we called Svein-Magne and received prayer. We also looked forward to the Miracle Saturday meeting on October 5 in Vennesla, which gave us new energy, says Enoch.

New strength

On Saturday October 5, 2013 the couple made the trip to attend the Miracle Saturday meeting in Vennesla. Enok came in a wheelchair and received prayer early by Pedersen.

-Nothing happened then and there, but in the time that followed things began happening. Eventually I left the wheelchair and began using crutches and just three weeks after the Miracle Saturday meeting I took the first steps on my own. That was a happy day. Soon I could walk without crutches.

On October 28 was Enok's new checkup, where he received a happy message. The PSA measurements had decreased from 481 to 0.1! The doctor was quite touched when she told about the new samples.

Eventually Enok could rid himself of all help aids, and in January 2014 he walked nearly a mile without help. He often called the prayer phone in the time that followed. Enok and his wife were also constantly attending meetings with Pedersen. Eventually the cancer began to disappear. v -The body kept improving. During the Pentecost, I went to the mountains with my daughter. Later in the year, Bjørg and I went on a trip where we stayed in a tourist cabin.

On September 16 last year Enok went to the doctor again. When he got the happy news:

-The cancer is gone and your PSA is not measurable. You are well and need not come here anymore. Just have a checkup every three months, the doctor said.

-It was a happy day. We are so thankful to Jesus for what he has done. I have told the General Practitioner that I have prayed. He does not deny it. I have lent him three books written by Svein Magne Pedersen, and he has read all of them.

-To anyone who has cancer, I want to say: Seek God and seek prayer, because nothing is impossible with God. He is omnipotent through Jesus who took upon himself all sin and disease. He wants to heal everyone who has cancer!

POWER: Enok Holta sought prayer repeatedly throughout the period with cancer, also at the Miracle Saturday meeting. In September last year he got the miracle message that all the cancer in the bones had disappeared.

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