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HEALTHY HEART: For over twenty years Margit Hofstad (89) from Trondheim had atrial fibrillation daily. When she saw the television program «The Miracle is Yours», she could throw out her heart medicine. Her husband, Magnar Hofstad, is also in the picture. PHOTO: Private
For more than twenty years, Margit Hofstad (89) from Trondheim suffered with atrial fibrillation daily. When she watched the program "The Miracle is Yours," she could put away the heart medicine.

Around 1990 Margit Hofstad (89) from Trondheim had a steadily increasing pulse, which was something that caused her to get very weak and ill. Finally she and her husband went to the hospital where they eventually found out that she had atrial fibrillation. After spending the night in the hospital, she was sent home with a prescription for a heart medicine. This medication she had to take for the rest of her life.

-Although I was on medication, I did not feel much better. The atrial fibrillation occurred almost daily, especially in recent years. It did not take much for me to get it. Every time I strained myself just a little bit, for instance, if I walked up a short hill, I would have an seizure.

Every time a flicker came, Margit was very sick in her body. She had to lie down on the couch in order to calm down the seizure. The pulse could reach up to 150 beats per minute. She was worse off when she was out walking in the city, and her heart began to flicker. Then she had to be helped by others. She had to sit down and drink some water. She did not dare to have an operation.

Watched Television

In February 2013 Margit was watching the TV show "The Miracle is Yours". Here Svein-Magne Pedersen preached about healing. He asked people to put their hand on the television when he prayed for the sick towards the end of the program.

-I had done this a few times before, but then nothing happened. This time I felt a peace and security, but nothing more. The next day I woke up in good shape. I decided to cut out the drugs to see how my body reacted. The day carried on, but I had no atrial fibrillation. After a few weeks, my heart was still just as healthy. It was fantastic, she says pleased.

To a check-up

In May 2013 she went to her family doctor. Here Margit told about having cut out the medication without getting atrial fibrillation.

-I told about having been prayed for by Svein-Magne Pedersen. The doctor said that he had heard of Pedersen, and admitted that he believed in healing through prayer. The doctor measured the bloodpressure, listened to her heart, and had blood tests taken, but everything was fine.

On June 26 of that year Margit went to see a heart specialist. The samples he took were absolutely fine.

-I cannot feel anymore of the flickering. It is amazing after over twenty years with this ailment. The drugs are now in the cupboard, and will be delivered to the pharmacy. I am very grateful to God and to Svein-Magne Pedersen. Many people have heard about what has happened, and it is so incredibly good to be healthy, says Margit Hofstad.

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