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Family of three healed from whiplash

DAY OF JOY: Nine years after a tragic car accident Wenche Pedersen radiates with joy. When Svein-Magne prayed for her during the meeting in Kasfjord, she was instantly healed.
In 2002, the lives of Wenche Pedersen and her family turned upside down when they all were injured in a tragic car accident. After having suffered nine years of whiplash symptoms, they experienced having the symptoms disappear momentarily during a meeting in Kasfjord Baptist Church, Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Thursday, February 21, 2002 is a day Wenche Pedersen and her family would rather forget. The family lived on the island of Senja. They drove out to buy groceries. In car was her one year old son, Steve, her aunt Liss Larsen, and one other family member. It looked like it would be a nice day.

A few kilometers before the center of town, the tragedy took place. A car came in the opposite lane making the accident unavoidable.

-Everything happened so fast. I had turned around to my one year old son, and suddenly I heard my aunt scream. Then I saw a car coming sideways into our car. The next few minutes were unreal, and I can not remember much, says Wenche.

For a moment she was out of it before she came back to consciousness. Soon the police, an ambulance and a fire truck were at the scene. I was incredibly hot throughout my body and I heard my son screaming, but I did not recognize him. I got out of the car, and later we were taken care of by some medical personnel. Wenche and the others were transported to the hospital. Later they received the tragic news that a person in the other car had died. In the time that followed, they learned that the car in the oncoming lane had been speeding. Wenche had every reason to be glad that she had been wearing her seatbelt.

-Usually I would unbuckle my seatbelt when I turned around to help my son.This was the only time I had left my seatbelt on, and it probably saved my life.

Neck Ailments

Already the day after the accident, Wenche was able to go home from the hospital. The son had been taken care of by his father and had no visible injuries. She felt no pain to begin with, but after a week had gone by, her neck began to ache. For Wenche, who daily worked in a nursing home where the working day was pretty hectic, this was very strenous.

-I held out for a little while, but because of the pain I was constantly on sick leave. Finally, there was no option but to be on a permanent sickleave. The physiotherapist did what he could, but said that this was a whiplash injury.

As the years passed, the family moved to Evenes outside the city of Harstad. Wenche tried to change jobs without it helping any. She was now in a rehabilitation program. All throughout her life, Wenche had liked to go hiking in the woods, and she loved to be active. Now her life had changed completely.

-I was a single mother and had been used to managing on my own. I was slim, well-trained and danced swing. After the accident, I had to stop everything. Throughout the last nine years I spent mostly at home sitting in front of the computer with the TV on all day. I went constantly to get treatment for my neck, but the results only temporary. Some days I was bedridden, and sometimes my son had to manage on his own in the morning before going to school.

Complained about the neck

When the accident happened, Wenches son, Steve, was only one year of age. In the next few years everything seemed to be fine. When he was four, they suspected that something was wrong. Steve started complaining about having neck pains.

-He started asking us if we would rub his neck. This happened daily. Eventually we realized that something was wrong and sent him to both a chiropractor and a physiotherapist. They believed that it was a whiplash injury.

In the time that followed, Steve had horrible pain. When he was six he started playing soccer, which was not always a comfortable activity for him.

-We have seen him suffer through the soccer games, constantly touching his neck. But he's a guy who will not give up and hangs in there until the bitter end. It has probably not been easy for him.

Aunt injured

Wenches aunt, Liss Larsen, was injured as well. After the accident, she spent one week in the hospital before she went home.

-During the first weeks after the accident, I was lying in bed a lot, and eventually the neck pains began to increase. Her body felt heavy and she was hurting. She dared not to drive because of the accident. Liss had for long time worked with home care.

Eventually she went on a sick leave and was away from work for a whole year. She was constantly visiting the doctor, but X-ray pictures said little about the cause of the injury. Finally a physiotherapist confirmed this as whiplash.

Contacted healer

Both Wenche and Liss had grown up in an environment where healing was a central part of everyday life. A while after the accident Liss therefore called a healer she knew.

-When the phonecall was finished, the pain became somewhat weaker, but soon the ailments were back. He did not manage to make the pain disappear, she said.

Liss also knew about Svein-Magne's work. Fourteen years ago, her son was healed when Pedersen had meetings in Stangneshallen in Harstad.

-My son was only six years old and suffered from chronic bronchitis and ear and lung infections. After receiving prayer, he was perfectly healthy.

But she had to wait several years before she got the chance to receive prayer. When she saw the article in the magazine Legedom, she invited Wenche and Steve to attend the meeting with her in Kasfjord.

Momentarily Healed

When the family came to the meeting, they came with expectancy that something would happen.It was a really a happy meeting, and they really enjoyed themselves. When Svein-Magne Pedersen prayed for Wenches son, Steve, the pains in his neck disappeared. Wenche could hardly believe it to be true. For the first time in a long time, her son was free of pain. And there were more good things to come. When Pedersen prayed for her, she felt a warmth in the whole body, and suddenly whiplash symptoms disappeared. She could also turn her head in all directions.

-For the first time in nine years, I have no pain, she said, weeping with joy when Pedersen asked what had happened.

As if that was not enough, her aunt was also cured of whiplash.

-I felt the power of God go into my neck, and the pain disappeared, she said happily.

A new life

When this family all went home with a smile. Liss also recognized that some of the fear of driving had let go. Since then her neck has been healed.

The day after the meeting Wenche cleaned the house by herself, a job she previously would have spent four days doing. A few days later she helped her neighbor to both chop and carry firewood. Later she went for a walk of nearly ten kilometers to visit her mother.

-I am so full of energy that I can not sit still. My body is in great shape, and I do not feel any more pain.

Her son Steve also notices a total change. Now he plays soccer like never before without pains. I ask him every day how his neck is feeling. Then he smiles at me and says: «It is completely well. Thanks to God and Svein-Magne!» During the meeting in Kasfjord, a number of people were saved as well. Two of these were Wenche and her son.

I grew up in the Laestadian community and I have always believed in God. But that night we were saved, and that is fantastic. Now we can only look forward and enjoy life, concludes a happy Wenche Pedersen.

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